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summer journal: flying kites

Summer is in full swing here and our days are full up to the top. Around mid afternoon I come up for air (thank god for quiet time) and then I think of you and this little blog. Then I feel guilty for not posting something–anything! Instead of feeling crappy for not writing long meaningful (ha!) posts, I thought I’d keep a kind of slap dash summer journal: most pictures will be from my phone, there might be links to crafts or recipes, or there might not be any words at all, but they will all be a little window into our summer days.

flying kites

Desperate for a first day of summer activity, I ran into Walgreens for some cheap kites. I chose the not quite so dirt cheap ones and they work out pretty well. I got one big one, but it wasn’t windy enough for it to fly. There were mini kites for sale too–3 for 5 bucks–that I bought on a whim. These tiny kites worked out the best. The kids could control them and when the wind died down they just ran to make them fly.

flying little kites

If you like the idea of a simple, summertime blog I would love it if you joined in. If you have a blog, use summer journal as your title. If you are more of an instgramer/twitterer/tumblrer type use the #summmerjournal hashtag. Leave a comment if you’d like to play along, so I can follow your summer journal!