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I made oreos this weekend. Now before you go off on the whole “how do you do it all?” rant, let me just say I don’t. My husband has been off work for a few weeks now and he takes the big kids (just like that, they are big kids!) when the baby goes down for a nap. It’s been absolutely amazing to have him around so much. This is how it should be: two parents taking care of the kids, maybe a nanny thrown in to take some of the pressure off. Oh to be ridiculously wealthy….some day. That comes to an abrupt end today and god knows how I’m going to deal with these three whiny, crying, poopy bundles of love all day long. I’ll probably make more oreos, because I bake when I’m stressed.  Mostly because I know I can make whatever recipe you throw at me or if I can’t there will be enough sugar and butter in it to be edible anyway. These cookies were most definitely edible.  I’ve made oreos before and they were kind of a pain in the ass–well it was a martha stewart recipe so what do you expect–but they were really good and crunchy too. These were more to the moon pie end of the scale. The cookies themselves were super easy and super delicious and I would make them on their own again (and again), but  I just wasn’t down with the filing. It is technically correct: crisco and butter and sugar. I assume that’s whats in real oreos (minus the butter) and that’s what martha puts in her oreos, but I just can’t bring myself to eat raw crisco. I’m no natural food freak, I have eaten my fair share of crisco and continue to have a can of it in the cupboard, but I can’t just stick my finger in it and eat it. ugh. So next time I’ll make a thick cream cheese frosting and slap that between the two cookies instead.

And there is a half done project under the cookies, see? ooop, and there’s the baby. So it’ll stay half done for another day.