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tangelo creamsicle

I was going to make a fancy dancy dessert for easter, but I spent too much time looking for the perfect one which left no time for actually making dessert (though I will make this cake some day). Most of the recipes for our easter dinner came out of Suzanne Goin’s fantastic book, Sunday Suppers at Lucques and I found a simple springtime dessert in there too: Tangelo Creamsicles. These are super delicious and you need to make them.  A recipe is pretty much unnecessary, all you do is squeeze some tangelos (which I think are oranges crossed with grapefruits?) and pour them over vanilla ice cream. Tangelo juice is on the sour side so you don’t need too much of it (should be about half as much liquid that’s in a root beer float). When we were pouring the juice over the ice cream my husband and I were pretty skeptical.  I mean, it’s pretty much just orange juice and milk mixed together, which sounds totally disgusting.  But instead it turned out to be more like the best creamsicle ever. We will be eating these until I can’t find tangelos anymore.