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elsie marley in may

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May is going to be a big month on elsie marley. I’ve got some fantastic interviews scheduled, a round up or two and of course the always amazing Kids Clothes Week Challenge. There are already over 100 people signed up!  KCWC has been such a big hit in the past that traffic on the blog doubles for the month. That means over 100,000 pages views! I want you (and your blog or shop) to get in on the action. Sponsor spots for May are 40 dollars because of those super big numbers.  I really try to keep the prices low enough that bloggers and indie shops can easily afford it–and I hope you can.

Sponsorship introduces my readers–almost 4000 subscribers to date–to your shop or blog. And it gives me the resources to create tutorials and patterns and all of the good stuff you love about elsie marley. If you are interested please drop me a line at

If you don’t have a blog or shop, but would still like to support my crafty endeavors. The best way to do that is subscribe through your email or an RSS reader (there is a subscribe button on the sidebar at the right). Then I know you are out there! And the more subscribers I get the more support I get the more projects you get!  Sound good?!