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There really is no good reason to make this pie, but when I saw it on Gourmet’s website a few weeks ago I really wanted to find a reason. Now that Gourmet is gone it seems some ridiculous pie making might be in order. Because along with the magazine and the website (though I assume will continue) all the web only recipes will disappear–mr. fatty fatty bacon pie being one of them.  My favorite part of this recipe–after the fact that practically every other ingredient is fat–is the little parenthetical after 1 cup peanut butter (not natural). It was obviously very late in the evening when someone decided to throw together a jar of Jif, some chocolate wafers and bacon dipped in sugar. Eating this pie seems like a good way to say goodbye and screw you! how the hell did you %!*&  everything up enough to make this great magazine get axed.