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creative assignment: within arm’s reach

It’s time for another creative assignment! Are you ready? No? That’s okay neither am I, but that is the point of these creative assignments.

creative assignment on elsie marley

It might seem counterintuitive, but the easiest way access your boundless creativity is to limit yourself. When I was in middle school, I was part of the academic triathlon team (nerd alert!). My favorite event was called Party in a Box (this is a sample and wow! it’s kind of amazing) . We were given a problem to solve and a box of random prop/craft things.  We had to write and star in a play that solved the problem–and do it all in 30 minutes. We had a time limit, a limited theme, and a limited amount of supplies. The creative rush was absolutely exhilarating! and the plays were not half bad either. (more…)

fabric stacks

a pile of fabrics that will soon be girl clothes

My creative process often involves simply staring at all the fabric in my stash. Then after much staring, I make lots of little piles. I am particularly excited about the pile pictured above. Many adorable things are potentially in that pile–if all the sewing goes smoothly, of course.

a pile of fabrics that will soon be boy clothes

This pile is for things my children actually need, so it’s less exciting, but I still like it. Look at me making little piles of fabric and then telling the whole internet about them. Don’t call me crazy, I know you do it too :)



pink scupture and french macaroons

So my mother called me up this morning to ask where the hell my next blog post was. Well, actually, she was much nicer than that, but that was the jist of it. I’ve been away too long, I guess?


We actually have been away. To New York, no less!  Even though we got back last week, I haven’t really returned, you know?

m&j and b&j

I shouldn’t give my mother shit because she came down and looked after all the kids, while my husband and I traipsed off to Brooklyn to eat and drink and stare at buttons (that last one was just me).

brooklyn coffee

and we drank ridiculously good coffee and saw long lost friends and discovered said friends read this little blog (hi christina!).

reading the paper

damn, now I want to go back.




When Rae asked me to talk a bit about sewing with knits, I thought it was odd, because I’m rather crap at sewing with knits. But then I looked back in my archives for pictures of things I’ve sewn and hey! it’s not that bad. My first experience with sewing with knits was pretty horrible.  Now it looks like I remember that failure more than any of the successful knit projects I’ve made, which is ridiculous. With that realization, I cut out a huge pile of knit fabric for this awesome undies pattern:

piles of fabric for undies

I didn’t finish them all, because my daughter is a little between sizes so I have to adjust the fit, but oof! the boy undies are pretty damn cute. The pattern is very clear and nicely laid out with plenty of pictures. I noticed she’s not selling it at the moment and I’m not sure why, because it’s a very popular pattern. It’s popular for a reason: you only need a little bit of fabric, old t-shirts are perfect, and if you screw up who’s going to see them anyway?


I wouldn’t say this is a beginner, beginner project, but if you’ve sewn with knits a few times then these shouldn’t be a problem. They come together quickly, but the waistband and leg holes take a bit of time. And people will look at you funny when (or rather if) you tell them you’re making your children’s underwear.

lightening bolt undies!

But come on, lighting bolt undies?! What little boy wouldn’t be excited about that?

Want to see all the kniterviews? Look here! and mine is here.

kcwc spring 2011: day one

Yee! Haw! Today is the first day of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge! Last year, I had my own little kcwc a week early so I could have a finished garment to show you each day, but I’m playing it fast and loose with the rest of you this time around. The only thing I’ve done is pick out the fabric I want to use for each kid. Sorry for the crummy photos, I snapped them quickly before I headed out to the fabric store to stock up on elastic. Then what do you know? There was a bunch of awesome fabric there, which is in the dryer as we speak. So my hour today might be all ironing. How about you, did you get all the pattern tracing and fabric cutting out of the way before today or are you going in cold like me? Anyway you do it is fine as long as you find that hour to do it!

We are 400+ strong this spring! So the flickr group is already blowing up. And I’ve got tutorials and inspiration over on my pinterest page if you get stuck. Ready? Set. Go!