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beach towel

We are going to the lake next week to swim and sit on the beach and do lots and lots of nothing.  I saw some beautiful linen towels online and thought I could pick up a couple yards of linen and make my own to take with us. I wanted to get 100% linen, but this striped rayon/linen blend was too awesome to pass up. I got 2 1/4 yards, left the salvages as is and hemmed the raw edges, then using this helpful tutorial (by the fabulous cal patch) I crocheted right into the fabric.

The edging pattern comes from the book Crocheting on the Edge* by Nicky Epstein, which has tons of edging patterns (duh) all given in both charted and written directions, which for me is super helpful.

*I have joined the amazon associates program, so if you follow this link and then buy the book you will also be putting a few pennies in the elsie marley cup. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but been quite hesitant to because I don’t want to get all advertise-y on your ass.  But I’m not going to link to any random thing–wow, that be annoying.  I have books that I genuinely love and want to tell you about and, all told, the profits I’ll make will probably be enough to buy a cup of coffee.  So if you’d like to buy me a cup of coffee :) you can go over to my amazon book store and check it out!

Back to the project: I obviously haven’t finished the pattern yet–I have to put the fringes on, do the other side of the blanket and block it. It is a little more shabby chic then I would have liked, but next time I’ll just make the edging a little simpler.  The “yarn” I used cotton twine and I freakin love it: it’s smooth, just the right thickness (I’d say worsted weight size, but I could be talking out by ass here) and cheap as all get out.  I have already started another–bigger–project with it. And with any luck it will be full of sand and finished by the time we get back.

crocheted stone

I crocheted this sweet little stone for a friend’s birthday this weekend.  Margie Oomen makes beautiful covered stones and kindly wrote up a pattern for this one: little urchin crochet covered sea stone.  It was my first time using crochet thread and it was a little difficult, but very satisfying–I see many doilies in my future. This was a great first project because it doesn’t have to be perfect and in fact it looks better when it’s not.

(I think I might even like the back better than the front) The rock came from schoolhouse beach on Washington Island in Wisconsin: a beautiful beach covered in stones, that we found out later you aren’t supposed to remove from the beach. oops.

thrift thursday


That there is some 100 percent of the finest acrylic crocheted up into one spiffy pillow. It’s scratchy as hell, but it’s this fantastic neony pink so it came home with me. I love the old lady thrift store. I also went to the dig and save the other day, but the light these days is crap so I’ll show you some other time. I get sort of paralyzed by the craziness of the dig and save, so never feel like I’m really taking advantage of it’s awesomeness. People have hooks and plastic gloves and determination to Get Shit! for $1/lb, so I mostly just get out of their way.

things on the internet that are awesome

I’m starting to really enjoy these linkydoo posts (awesome name stolen from miss rae) I hope you don’t mind them too much. Since I’ve started to crochet, I’ve been on the look out for crochet blogs. I found this one (sc) recently and though I can fake reading french a little, really I have no idea what she is saying but her work is lovely enough even without the words.

Erika from fox and owl makes beautiful articulated teddy bears (and kitties and dolls too), but it’s this idea that I’m going to steal. Healthy and hilarious!

Another craft project idea on the list to steal (someone has a flickr set called “ideas I have stolen” that I always thought was fantastic) is this painted square set from mer mag.  Part art part toy and super fantastic all over.

From another blog I can’t read comes this project. Perfect for valentine’s day or mother’s day or just to use up the ridiculous amount of random art we have piled up in the house.

have a great weekend!

crochet fail

There have been a few crochet projects recently that I have just had to rip out–that cute and jumpy word “frogged” is just not going to cut it here, because I spent precious time working on them, they looked liked hell and then I had to start the fuck over. Here is one example:

This is what happens when you try and crochet over a paper lantern. I wanted a new light fixture for our bedroom because staring at a cheap paper lantern hanging from a bare bulb starts to looks extra crappy in the wee hours of the morning (when you are nursing and staring at the ceiling, wrecked from nursing all night long) but didn’t have any extra cash to get one, or really even make one. I thought lantern would look nice and cozy with a crocheted cover. I had some extra chunky white yarn from this project, so I quickly got to work. I’ve never really made up a pattern from scratch before and it was a little more frustrating than I thought it would be and it took a lot longer. And then because I was running out of yarn and stretching it just a little too tight literally with the very last stitch I broke the shade. Shit. Yeah yeah, maybe it a good thing, now when I make it again I might be able to write a pattern, but still, shit.

I am working on another crochet project (my sewing machine is gathering dust!) and it has not failed yet.

Hexagons for a bathmat. It’s a japanese pattern and my first project worked from a crochet chart (I found it on ravelry here and here is the original site). I’m warming up because I bought this book and I want to make every single project in it. Speaking of ravelry, it looks like there is a sewing equivalent getting going call The Woven! There are a lot of sewing forums out there that are great (craftster, cut out and keep) but this looks more like ravelry and it’s nicely thought out. It would be a welcome addition I think.