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plant cozies

This is a half assed craft.  But I’m not a knitter or crocheter, but I have seen a few pot cozies around the internets and I wanted some myself.  So I cut off the sleeve of a felted sweater and voila!  A little blanket stitch action on the top of one and damn if it doesn’t make those crappy plastic pots looks good.

that’s all I got. have a good day everyone!

thank you and a sewing machine cozy

Thank you everyone who is visiting from Sew Mama Sew. And thank you to Sew Mama Sew for featuring me a few times (!) this week. It’s an honor to have my things on such a fantastic blog. If you’d like to know who’s writing this blog (me) you can click on the about link on the right. Thank you for all your kind comments. I try to reply to most, but I’m a little behind because of the holidays. Starting a blog was on my to do list for most of this (2007) year and I’m so glad to have finally crossed it off. I never would have believed that a few kind words from strangers could inspire me so much. Many of you are no longer strangers, but people I look to often for advice.  Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts with me. It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a creative and supportive community. I’ll need even more of that support next year because one of my resolutions is to start an etsy shop.  And sew myself some clothes that don’t suck.  Do you have any crafty resolutions for the new year?

The picture is a present I made for another sister.  I showed you the needlebook and pincushion already, but I made the sewing machine cover to match after seeing the sorry looking toaster cozy she was using to cover up her sewing machine. Just a simple lined piece of patchwork with ribbon ties on each end.  And an embroidered sewing machine so she knows where it goes (not on the toaster).

Hope you all have a happy new year!

cozy cozy

It’s a cozy cozy christmas.  I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it turns out my christmas gifts have a theme this year. I guess we all have too much stuff, so now we need stuff to put our stuff in.

Crayon cozies:

A knitting needle cozy:

and a tissue cozy  (that is going to my nana who is 104!)

All the patterns were from online tutorials (this christmas season I am thankful for the internet). They can be found here, here, and here respectively.  I can see the end of my christmas list now and I am very excited.  I really didn’t know what I was getting into with the whole handmade pledge thing.  Now that I think about it I haven’t bought anything–except for some thread and notions and a couple “just in case I forgot someone gift.”  But somehow the money still gets spent: pounds and pounds of butter for cookies, wrapping paper, tape, more tape, shipping.  It was a lot of time spent sewing, which I couldn’t have done without a very supportive husband to watch the babies (and vacuum!), but I am pretty satisfied with myself.  Let’s just hope the recipients like them too.