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hexagon bathmat


I finished the hexagon bathmat that I started a while back. Thanks in part to Alice from futuregirl. She saw the photo I put up of it and emailed to say I might be following the chart incorrectly–I wasn’t joining the hexagons as I went a long and there was a little dot in the chart that said I should be. Not only did she explain how to connect the hexagons (or whatever motif) as you go, but she downloaded the pattern I was working with so she could better explain it to me. Thank you Alice! And thank you to everyone for reading and supporting me and all the crafty bloggers out there. Even if we are only making silly bathmats, I think all this creativity is doing the world some good. And speaking of helping, if there is anyone out there who knows of a good “how to read this freakin complicated japanese crochet pattern” website could you shoot it my way? because my next project isn’t going so well.


Oh, one more thing about the bathmat. It might look a little off because it should have another row of 6 hexagons. I ran out of white yarn and just could not be bothered to go get more. Also these yarn leftover are killing me. I found a few scrapy (is there a yarn equivilant for scraps?) projects but it’s not as easy as using up leftover fabric. I now understand the allure of pompom making.