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knitted tote with twill tape handles

This is post I did last month on Crafterhours for The Twill Tape Guy. 
knitted tote with twill tape handles by elsie marley

I am brand new to the world of knitting. This tote is my second knitting project ever! And to be honest, my first project was just a warm up to get to this one. Because you see, when I discovered the book Simple Knitting by Erika Knight I wanted to make almost every project in it, but I had to learn how to knit first!

simple knitting by erika knight

The book is full of lovely projects, all accessible to the beginner knitter, and presented beautifully. The instructions are clear and very well illustrated–a very rare thing indeed!


the awesome bag

This bag is truly awesome. It’s a messenger bag, a shoulder bag, a completely reversible bag…it’s so many different bags in one you have to make one just so you can discover how awesome it really is. And you can! Because I wrote an awesome pattern for it.

Shannon from luvinthemommyhood is encouraging the sewers and the knitters to duke it out finally and see who is left standing. So this is my little one-two for the sewing side.  No, it’s not foxy boxing, but it is one month full of super fantastic knitting and sewing tutorials with some friendly competition thrown in for good measure.  Sounds awesome, right? Head over to her blog for The Awesome Bag tutorial!

Once more for no good reason: awesome.

first day

It’s my little boy’s first day of (pre)school today. Now is where I’m supposed to say they grow up so fast, etc. etc. but really sometimes it goes painfully slow. I feel like we’ve been talking up this day for a long long time. I want him to do silly dances and think I’m hilarious forever, but I also want him to sit on the potty by himself and not wake up all the time at night. It will be nice to have a few hours a week to myself, but I do already miss him. Parenting is ridiculous. Anyway, I made him a school bag (of course) with this fantastic japanese animal print I had squirreled away just for this very occasion. I got it a while back from the etsy shop alittlegoodness, which is now sort of under new ownership. His sister is very jealous of the new bag and pretty pissed that she just has the same old one she’s always had (even though hers was the first kiddy messenger bag!). Oh well, she’s bigger and gets to tell him what to do.

Now I have to go paint the bathroom.

tiny treasures bag

I’ve been thinking about making another kind of bag for my shop and I came up with this one. It’s a little wonky, but it’s just a prototype so whatever. The bag is a lot smaller than my other ones (here a photo for scale) but I’m thinking it could be even smaller. I embroidered some details on the bag that I really like: a running stitch along the whole strap and a hand sewn buttonhole.

The button I wanted to use didn’t fit in my automatic buttonholer, so I had to do it by hand. I was going to do a hand bound buttonhole, but that just looked too complicated and too fancy for a kid bag, so I just used a blanket stitch to go around the buttonhole. Ta da!

I was thinking the bag could be for all those tiny treasures little ones find walking down the street. But “tiny treasures bag” is a little twee, so I need your help. Leave a comment with a better name for the bag and whoever comes up with the best one wins the bag. Sound good? Go.

japanese bag

I made another nursing bag for a friend (babies all over the place these days). This time I wanted to make a styley one from a japanese craft book I picked up a while back. Normally, I wouldn’t ever buy a book about bags, I mean it’s just a couple of rectangles sewn together, but of course this japanese one was too awesome to pass up. For all those in the midwest who are interested, I got mine at Mitsuwa outside Chicago. It’s a japanese supermarket/bookstore/cafe and it’s super close to Ikea, which just makes it even better. I know they say the diagrams in japanese craft books make them easy to understand, but really I think you need to know how to make it (whatever it is) before you start. This bag really is two rectangles sewn together, which I can do thankyouverymuch, but the circle detail is the cool part and I’ll be damned if I can figure out what the directions say. So I just made it up. I cut out the front piece slightly bigger than the back. Then sewed circles with the longest stitch on my machine. I pulled the bobbin thread to gather the circles a little–they don’t have to be perfect and really irregular gathers look better. Then I sewed around the circles again a bunch of times with contrasting thread to secure the gathers. I pressed it, then sewed the rest of the bag together. The other nice detail on this bag was the twisted handles. I think I “misread” the directions and pressed the seam of the handle to the middle, which sucks, it would look nicer if it was hidden on the edge, but whatever. I still think the idea of twisted handles is great and I’ll use it again for sure.

see more of the book here and here and here.