kcwc spring 2012: wrap up

May 1st, 2012

kcwc spring 2012 sponsors

1. Fiyel Levent  2. Made by Rae  3. Clever Charlotte  4. Tea Collection  5. Babushka Girl  6. Figgy’s  7. Magpie Patterns  8. My Poppet  9. Wink Handmade  10. Ida Pearle  11. Threadbias  12. The Wildwood Flower  13. Vistaprint  14. Not So Mellow Designs  15. Re-New  16. shiny happy world

First the sponsors of KCWC need a round of applause! There are so many wonderful shops, artists, and bloggers up there who helped make kids clothes week a success. Often when I am looking around online shops–for fabric or patterns or just nice things–I instinctively say, “Oh, that costs too much, I’m not going to buy it,” but then I stop and remind myself that most of these are women like me, working hard to make and promote handmade goods. Rather than thinking of it as just buying something, I think of it as, in part, donating to the handmade movement: creating beautiful things with thoughtfulness and intention. You are also helping out a young entrepreneur. Everybody wins!

kcwc spring 2012 wrap up mosaic

1. color theory top  2. rabbit pajamas  3. train flashback tee 4. urban duck hoodie  5. obscure animals alphabet t-shirt  6. alligator pants  7. sandbox pants, flashback tee 8. dino flashback tee  9. peek-a-boo stripes  10. quiet cats lazy days skirt 11. t-shirt to dress refashion  12. I’m on a boat  13. sunki dress 14. gray boy shorts 15. cloud hopping tee  16. sleepover pajamas

Everybody won this kcwc with all the fantastic handmade clothes that got made this week. With 600 participants, the flickr pool was overflowing with beautiful garments everyday. I could almost feel the creative energy of all of us sewing together, even though we are scattered across the globe! Even if nothing turned out the way you wanted, or everything didn’t get finished, or the pants are a leeeetle too tight, I hope you are inspired to make more clothes for your children.

I would love it if you told me what you thought of this kcwc: what could be better? what you liked the most? what more you do want out of kcwc? what is the worst bit? Anything, I want to hear it all!


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