kcwc fall 2012: wrap up

October 17th, 2012

kcwc wrap up collage

1.mountain shirt  2.the fiesta dress  3.scrunchy apron 4.quilted baby gilet  5.sailboat top  6.squirrel tee  7.neon dinosaur  8.hannah dress  9.kitty jammies

Jaw dropping is how I would describe this edition of kids clothes week. 641 of you signed up and then proceeded to blow me away with your amazing creations! The flickr pool is full of beautifully made, simple, stylish clothes for kids. Just because the clothes are stylish though, doesn’t mean they take themselves too seriously. You have kids, so you know they light up when you put spaceships on their shirt or shoes on their skirt and it makes mamas laugh when there are numbers on their butt.

kcwc wrap up collage

1.grey polka dot top  2.upcycled pants  3.paperback writer pants  4.clover shirt  5.lemon-lime top  6.totally 80s  7.wollige klaas  8.matching dresses  9.retro boom box top

Could you feel the creative energy of everyone sewing together? We are scattered across the globe, but this week we came together to sew and cheer one another on. We all need to support each other in our crafty endeavors! You can continue to support your fellow sewers by subscribing to their blog, their instagram feed, their flickr photos, their facebook page, their whatever. A little encouragement can do a lot–for them and for you. I mean just look at the kcwc flickr pool!

kcwc wrap up collage

1.sandbox pants and envelope tee  2.horsey tee  3.raglan tee  4.walrus tee  5.oliver + s croquet dress  6.raglan   7.flashback skinny tee  8.blackbird butt  9.slouchy pants

Even if nothing turned out the way you wanted this week, or most things didn’t get finished, or the pants are two sizes too big, I hope you are inspired to keep sewing for your children. If things weren’t perfect, I don’t want to think you failed. This challenge sits you down in front of your sewing machine and gets you to sew a little, then maybe a little more. This momentum feeds your creativity: the more you sew, the more ideas come to you, the more you want to sew! I hope you had a good week and I hope the creative momentum takes you into next week and beyond!

I would love it if you told me what you thought of this kcwc: what could be better? what did you like the most? what do you want more of? what isn’t necessary? If you were in charge, what would you do? Anything! Everything! I want to hear it all!


44 Responses to kcwc fall 2012: wrap up

  1. An says:

    I always love KCWC because of the Flickr pool. Great how many beautiful stuff comes to you in just one week. Many ideas are pinned, so thank you for alle of that inspiration! See you in spring.

  2. Chrissy says:

    I had so much fun during this KCWC! I found the flickr pool and the Pinterest board to be incredibly inspiring and I found my plans evolving as I caught glimpses of the awesomeness that was being created by everyone! Don’t think I’d change a thing for the next go-round. Thanks again for hosting! (and thanks for including my kitty jammies up there!)

  3. Jamie says:

    I loved kcwc! It was my first one. What I loved most was the inspiration of seeing what others were creating, which was amazing! I loved knowing that there were others from all over that stepped up to the challenge, and it also kept me going. I love challenges, they actually hold me accountable, in a good way. I finally got some sewing done for my kids, and it has me spending more time in my sewing room, which I was needing and missing. Thank you so much! I look forward to the next challenge.

  4. Amanda says:

    I really enjoyed my first KCWC! Thanks for featuring my sandbox pants, there were so many fantastic things made last week! And as always I discovered some new blogs through the flickr pool.

  5. Sarah Ross says:

    I thought this was a great KCWC! The addition of the group Pinterest board was AWESOME. So much inspiration. The flickr group was great too, as usual. The whole thing just has such a great, supportive community vibe. I am never able to finish very much in one week (I’m not a speedy cutter/sewer), but KCWC really challenges me and helps me gain some momentum, which I’m really grateful for. Can’t think of anything much I’d really want to change!

  6. Caila says:

    I was blown away by the flickr pool this time around. Seriously amazing! You do a great job running the show, Meg, and I wouldn’t change a thing. What will I change for myself? Next time I’ll start with a shorter list and take my time making really special items. I was too rushed this year.

  7. Caila says:

    P.S. Thanks for linking to my space shirt! That’s all my son wanted this time around. :)

  8. sanae says:

    This was my first KCWC and I loved it! The inspiration, discovery of a wonderful community, the motivation to sew all week – so great! And you did an amazing job organizing it all. I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t change a thing. Looking forward to the spring KCWC.

  9. Heidi Jo says:

    This was my first KCWC and I had such a great time! It was my first time sewing any clothing since one year in elementary school when my mom taught me to sew, so I’ve been a bit freaked out to try and KCWC pushed me into sewing clothes and I’m so glad it did! I definitely have some skills I need to work on, but I can totally sew clothes if I want to and that was awesome to find out. I’m super inspired to make more clothes for the kiddos and kind of love all the basic repurposed things I made for them during the week. Thanks so much for hosting! I really can’t wait till spring and am already recruiting my sister to take part in spring too. Oh, and I wouldn’t change a thing. The flickr pool, your daily posts, the hype before with some tutorials, and the interest board were all great inspiration.

  10. Dinah says:

    I loved the Pinterest inspiration. Great idea! It got me on track and kept me excited about my projects. Still working on them, and nearly finished, but the week got me started.

  11. Katie says:

    I really loved KCWC this time around. Probably because I actually participated every day! :) I definitely loved the KCWC Pinterest board and Instagram hashtag. Those were probably the two things that kept me motivated when I didn’t feel like working on stuff anymore. I also love seeing the things you highlight (i.e. share on your blog) from the Flickr group and would have loved to see like 5x the amount of highlights. Only seeing 4 a day just left me salivating and wanting more. :) All around, it was so fun! Thanks!

  12. Jane says:

    Thanks for hosting Meg!! I wouldn’t change a thing! I love checking in at the end of the day to see what everyone was up to, so inspiring! I also love how supportive everyone is in the Flickr group. I also love the pre KCWC inspiration on Pinterest. Oh, and thanks so much for tossing my little squirrel shirt up there! :)

  13. Libby says:

    This was my first KCWC. And honestly, I wouldn’t do anything different. You ran a fantastic project. I think the Pinterest board and the Flickr pool were great ways to see what everyone was working on. It was truly inspiring. You kept the conversation flowing on the flickr board. A job incredibly well done. Thanks!

    I guess the only thing I would change is that I wish there was a list of all participants with blog links so that it would be even easier to keep up on everyone’s progress. But really, it isn’t necessary to continue your successful hosting as the information is available via other places.

  14. Toni-Maree says:

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful challenge. This was my first time sewing along, and i completed 5 garments :) I think the key to my success was cutting out before the week began. What I have learnt for next time is that I need an SLR! My creations look fantastic but in pictures they look lousy. Oh well! Next time :)

  15. kristin says:

    thanks so much for hosting once again, meg. this was my fourth KCWC and i’m SO impressed every time with the taste and talent of everyone that participates!! don’t change a thing. loved the roundup photos first in your posts and the addition of the pinterest group – that was a fantastic resource for inspiration and sharing of our own stuff. i also loved browsing the #kcwc tag in instagram every so often. i felt like one of the only ones doing that in the springtime so it was fun for it to be more of a party. ;)

  16. Loved every minute! And I have to agree with Kristin, don’t change a thing. I’m just happy there’s more than one a year so we don’t have to wait too long between bouts of mad sewing.

  17. Naomi says:

    This was my first KCWC and I was totally motivated, which is something I definitely lack most of the time. I was determined to get a blog post on every day!!! The only thing I didn’t do was upload to flikr….oops!!! Thanks for running it!!!!!!

  18. Femke says:

    The flickr pool was amazing and knowing that everyone get on creating made me keep going. I sewed every day- a first! And I learned so much and feel like I can sew a lot more now…thanks Meg!!!

  19. Rachael says:

    I didn’t finish anything, or upload anything or even officially sign up to anything. But I did find and alter a basic trousers pattern so now I have one I like. I also experimented with a gathered pocket, which I saw in one of your posts, and I think it’ll work when I finally attach it. But I did sew. And for the first time in about 8 months. And you said that’s kinda the point, yeah?

  20. Jen says:

    It was my first KCWC, my second attempt at sewing clothes for my daughter, and the third time I’ve spent time at my sewing machine since my daughter was born 5 months ago. Thanks for motivating me to get back in front of my machine (and getting me addicted to sewing kids’ clothes)! Don’t change a thing!

  21. Carla says:

    Thank you so very much for hosting, I love this event! I really loved the Pinterest addition, a great way to add to the community feel! Flickr did a weird thing and I noticed some our stuff (my own included) didn’t show up in the pool?! Darn finicky interweb! But My favorite part of KCWC is seeing all of the amazing clothes people make for their children, a very well dressed bunch indeed!

  22. Irene says:

    I can’t tell you how much fun kcwc was for me (the planning, the actual sewing part of it, the eye-candy on pinterest and flickr, your amazing posts, your guest posts–all of it!!). Thanks so much for hosting! It was my first time participating and I feel like I accomplished so much in one short week. Your blog is such an inspiration for what’s trending in the world of kids fashion. Love it.

  23. kathy says:

    This was my first kcwc! What I appreciated most was lots of seeing of others, which was so beautiful and amazing. I’m just a beginner in sewing and don’t have much time between work and home to sew but the challenge helped me to do something this week for my little girl. What i want more for the next kcwc is more free tutoral from mothers which made clothes. I don’t know if it’s possible but it can help beginners like me to progress. See you next kcwc and thanks a lot again for this week. PS i really really love your blog!

  24. Rebecca says:

    I had a great time– I love the sense of community for what is often such a solitary endeavor. The Flickr group is amazing; I am off and running with a handful of new patterns to keep the momentum moving forward. I know that there are other sew-alongs throughout the year hosted by other blogs with various themes, but I always seem to stumble on them a month or more too late. Do you know if anyone has compiled a list of these? I’m dreaming of a week of cranking out throw pillows, or a month of making clothes for me, or sewing for the holidays.

  25. Venus says:

    Thank you Meg for yet another awesome KCWC. Having the KCWC Community board in Pinterest was a super idea. Thank you so much for including my coat on day 1, I am so-so honored! I’m sad to see the challenge over… I’ll see you in the spring!