kcwc: day four

September 23rd, 2010

I made these cute hoodies from the japanese pattern book, Happy Homemade vol. 2. The one of the left is made from this super soft blue plaid flannel (that frays like crazy!) and the one on the right is made out of a piece of vintage fabric I had been saving for ages–there was only a little over a yard, but I eeked it out somehow. They are the same size, because I was lazy and didn’t want to trace another pattern, so my son’s is a little big, but I think it looks fine.

I never really figured out how they wanted me to do the elastic at the neckline–those pictures aren’t always so easy to follow–so I sewed and ripped and sewed and ripped and it still isn’t quite right. I think my elastic was old too and I’m guessing it looses some stretch as it ages (ha! don’t we all). But I’m still pretty happy with them and I’m sure they will be made again, next time maybe lined.

Hannah from Lily and Thistle very generously offered her Ultimate Paper Doll Package for today’s giveaway! If don’t win, but fall in love with the paper dolls (how could you not?) and purchase one of the packages (ultimate, standard or print-it-yourself) she will throw in a free line of fall outfits– you just need to type ELSIE in the note to seller on the paypal page at checkout. Dana did a lovely write up when she and her daughter got their own mini me paper dolls, if you aren’t familiar with Hannah’s work.  They are not only beautifully drawn, but well packaged and designed for little hands–you can use a special adhesive strip instead of the paper tabs if you choose. I was very excited to see she is doing a line of boy dolls now too!

To enter tell us if you played with paper dolls (remember Dolly Dingle?) or tell me a joke or what you are working on today for KCWC. Good luck! And check out all the awesome clothes in the flickr group so far. Wow!


The winner is

#6: katy from no big dill



74 Responses to kcwc: day four

  1. Elise says:

    i LOVE Hannah’s Mini Me dolls!
    and the pictures in Dana’s post of Lucy discovering them are priceless!
    my sister and i shared paper dolls growing up and loved them, although weren’t near as lovely.
    i’m starting your challenge today and have never sewn a garment other than costumes so i’m nervous!!!

  2. Lisa S. says:

    I LOVED paper dolls as a kid! My mom would cover them in scotch tape so they would last longer:) I bet my kiddos would get hours and hours of use out of these beauties! So excited for the little boy line too!!!

  3. Kathy says:

    I had paper dolls, but the dolls I best remember were made out of felt and glued to an icecream bucket lid and then cut out so they were stiff. All their clothes were felt or flannel so they stuck to the doll like a flannel graph. They were fun because you could get out your needle & thread and embellish the cloths and they’d still stick. Fun ‘paper’ dolls!

  4. Elise says:

    and the hoodies are great- that’s what my emory needs but i’m not that brave yet:O)

  5. erika says:

    wow, you did such a great job I love the hoodies!! I wanted to join this clothes week challenge but I’m soo busy now that I think I will have to wait two weeks or so…the paper dolls look so cute, I used to make my own paper dolls when I was a child and loved designing dresses for them ;-)

  6. k a t y says:

    I just made something from a Japanese book last night, too! I like to eek things out of minimal yardage, too. It gives me some strange sense of beating the system (?) I wouldn’t have retraced the pattern pieces again, either. Mucho work. Boys like it baggy, anyway :).

  7. Heather says:

    Oh wow, Meg! That hoodie is on my MUST MAKE list. I picked up a beautifully soft and drapey flannel to use but have not had a chance to get to it yet. I love yours–so cute. I played with Dolly Dingle as a kid as well as “Fashion Plates.” Remember those?

  8. Lisa says:

    oliver & s got me into collecting paper dolls for my daughter to have in a few years (I have the black apple book on pre-order.) These are wonderful – how did I not find them before? I must have some!

  9. ginger says:

    I have Happy Homemade vol. 3 and have been eying the others. Thanks for showing your hoodies.

    I just finished my O+S KCWC project. http://chazandginger.blogspot.com/2010/09/new-fall-duds.html Time to start something new (or maybe finish something old…).

  10. Jenny says:

    Cute hoodies! I remember when Dana showed us those paper dolls. They’re awesome. My daughter would love them. We’ve been playing with Oliver + S paper dolls and would love to add these to our circle of paper friends!

  11. Calandra says:

    Yep! I played with lots of paper dolls when I was little. I also made my own outfits out of brown paper grocery bags and wore them around the house to my mother’s chagrin (smile). Now my girls do the same thing (Ha!)- little fashion designers in the making.

  12. Paige says:

    I played with paper dolls a lot when I was little. My favorites were a set of little girls from around the world.

    I love these paper dolls…they are soo beautiful!

    I love the hoodies!

  13. jody says:

    I have been dreaming of these paper dolls for my 2 grand daughters for a long time. They are darling!

  14. I loved to play with paper dolls as I child. I had all kinds of fashion paper dolls. Now my kids love them. They even have a few that I managed to keep from my childhood.

  15. Lise says:

    I don’t remember playing with paper dolls, but they’ve always intrigued me. I hope my daughter will like them someday. I’ve already gathered some for her, but these would be the most awesome of the bunch!

  16. Lara says:

    I love that floral fabric you used for the hoodie! I spent hours playing with paper dolls as a child. I think I had Dolly Dingle, and a babysitter made me a paper doll-like toy out of felt, with little felt outfits that I loved! I still have it and am making a boy version for my son.

  17. Katherine says:

    I spent countless hours of pure enjoyment playing with my aunt’s and mothers paper dolls from the fifties. At five I had no idea who Rock Hudson and Doris Day were and countless other celebrities, but I absolutely loved dressing them up. Too bad they didn’t get saved when that house got packed up and dispersed.

    I hope I can convince my daughter that paper dolls are cool when Mama plays with them.

  18. lorchick says:

    today I spent at least an hour already on hand embroidering… I’m making a skirt for my DD and it’s going to have an underlayer with a visible ruffle and the embroidery is her first initial and maybe I’ll add some flowers or something. The upper layer will be a circle skirt. I have high hopes for the cuteness factor~ High hopes indeed! Especially as I’m not using a pattern and I’ll cry like a baby if my hand embroidery goes to waste. :D

  19. Meridith says:

    I did play with paper dolls! Loved them. I just made some for a little girl’s bday party.

  20. Lisa Marie says:

    I adored paper dolls as a child. They made me feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder–living and playing on the frontier! The American Girl magazine also had a set in each issue, which was my favorite feature of the magazine.

  21. finishing a reversible tunic today and sorta wishing i could just have made it one sided! I know which side we will wear more often and it is now so heavy!

  22. Rachel says:

    Ifinished a top for my daughter last nught. When she put it on to wear to school, there was a bit too much chest showing, so tonight I’ll have to figure out some kind of modesty panel. And start Halloween costumes.

  23. gretchen says:

    If I was to win (or buy) these I wouldn’t have to share-right? I am having a bad sewing week-nothing turning out quite right-I have been sewing purses for so long that the clothes are throwing me for a loop LOL!

  24. Heather says:

    My daughter loves her paper dolls. As do my sons!

    I really like your projects thus far. Very inspiring.

    Thus far I have one dress, a skirt and an embellished t-shirt. I foolishly got sidetracked trying to stash bust and started a quilt for my youngest. It just needs the binding handsewn, and I hope to accomplish that today. If all goes well, I plan on sewing a few holiday pajama pants tonight.

  25. Nancy says:

    Hoodies! I love the vintage fabric one and the plaid looks cozy. Well, I’m working on a blue dress now.
    I’ve been eyeing those paper dolls and would be psyched to win but, if not I’ll prob. go ahead and buy some anyway. You tired yet?