kcw spring 2015: mini cheetahs

April 22nd, 2015

kcw spring 2015: mini cheetahs

I’m so happy to be participating in Kid’s Clothes Week this season. I have been avoiding my sewing machine for months now. Chalk it up to a loss of sew-jo. Even if you love to sew, (or knit, or bake, or code, or run) you don’t have to love it every minute, right? You might even hate it sometimes.


I definitely did not hate making these pants. I used the Mini Hudson pattern by True Bias and I am so glad I did. The pattern is practically perfect: the directions are clear, the drawings are helpful, and WOOOHOO! there are notches. So many indie patterns forgo notches. Do they think they’re old fashioned? Well, I think they are incredibly helpful.  I say, “Bring back the notch!”


The fabric is a sweater print that I picked up a long while back for my cheetah loving boy (see this, this and this). He loved them immediately! But then I knew he would. They are soft, cozy, and cheetah. What more could you ask for?


My kids are going to have to wear uniforms this fall. If the clothes I make them are going to get worn, they have to be of the soft, stretchy variety for after school antics. I see many Mini Hudsons in my future. Do you have any other lounge-y patterns you like?

16 Responses to kcw spring 2015: mini cheetahs

  1. erin says:

    they’re awesome, meg! love the cheetah!

  2. Karin says:

    My sew-jo has been away on vacation (with the exception of mending) while knitting and Marie Kondo-ing has taken over this gal. But, these pants might be the answer for the next pant for the almost 7 year old. Question: there’s no sizing on the pattern description. How big do they go?

    • meg says:

      10. My daughter actually measures for size 0 on the grown up hudson pants. o_o

      And I know what you mean…sewing and making do not go hand in hand with binging and purging kondo-style.

  3. elana says:

    i just “ran” right out and bought that pattern!

    love the pants…hope mine look half as good as yours!

  4. Cate says:

    For some reason I’ve been on the fence about purchasing this pattern. I think you just pushed me over that fence! These are great and my cheetah-loving boy would go crazy for this pair!

    • meg says:

      I know I was too. But I’m already almost done with the 3rd pair of mini hudsons, so don’t wait! It’s a fantastic pattern!

  5. Tara says:

    theyre so great! I need to make some for clover. It’s officially on my list

  6. julia says:

    these pants are awesome! i’m totally gonna make these once i finish this damn quilt that’s taking forever! i know your kids are bigger than this, but any thoughts on fitting over a cloth diaper (for the 2t size)? my kiddo is pretty small for his age, but that damn diaper butt! anyways.

  7. kristin says:

    yay! glad your sew-jo is back, i’ve missed seeing your stuff. agree about notches! i love them. and i think your little guy is pretty darn rad.

  8. These are really cool! And what kind of weird-ass modelling school have our kids been attending together without our knowledge. That is exactly the kind of posing I get from my son! Super cute!!

  9. Kim says:

    OMG I am loving those! Do they come in big sizes? How awesome. I too have lost my sew-jo but I am hoping to find it soon. xox

  10. Vesper says:

    Just curious, do you think you need a serger or can you do without for this pattern?
    Yours look so good. I would love to make a bunch of shorter ‘capri’ pairs for a still potty-training kid :) for the summer.

    • meg says:

      I think you could do it perfectly well without a serger. I would use a stretch stitch for durability though. Thanks!

  11. These are so fun! I’m going to make these for my grandson, he’ll love them! Thanks for sharing :)