felt masks

September 26th, 2011

handmade owl, elephant, and cat masks

A little friend of ours turned 3 last week. I had the damnest time coming up with something to make for him. He’s got a super crafty mama, so that lucky boy is kitted out with capes and bags and awesome appliqued shirts. And all the other things you would make for little boys.

handmade felt cat mask

I figured the dress up box could always use a few more things, so I sewed up these felt masks. I started with a mask template I made from a paper plate and then went crazy with a bag of felt scraps.  There was a lot of white, gray, and orange felt in the bag, so out came a cat, an elephant, and an owl.

handmade felt elephant mask

I had the best time making the elephant. His ears are extra wonky and homemade, but I’m so in love with his pompom headpiece I don’t care. It was sort of a last minute addition too. If I had thought of it earlier I would have dressed him up more!

handmade felt owl mask

Mostly I made up the patterns as I went along except I did steal the owl mask idea from Martha (she’s got so many ideas, she won’t notice). These were so fun to make and halloween is coming up so fast, I might have to make some more.  I might even go crazy and write up a tutorial. But which one? Or should I make something else?


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36 Responses to felt masks

  1. Wow! Every time I come to your site I am blown away! You’re the crafty-est momma ever! What an amazing gift!

  2. mauri says:

    great idea- I had the urge to run upstairs and grab my bag of felt scraps and get cracking- I was thinking a unicorn (have lots of pink!) and maybe an owl…..
    it is hard, isn’t it, to come up with gifts for kids? especially when their momma already is crafty? I would so rather make a kid these than buy them the latest and greatest toys from a store…
    nice work :)

  3. juniper says:

    Wow- your a genius. These are awesome!!! Very impressed!!!

  4. Holly Keller says:

    Indeed–the pompoms on the elephant are genius. I can almost envision the circus lady who would ride him…

  5. Ayana says:

    I love it, so fun!!! Makes me smile! :)

  6. Jen says:

    These are awesome! Absolutely love your blog. Just started a ‘tickle trunk’ for my three year old son, and have been looking for some easy boy ideas to start his pretend play phase. He’s not quite ready for fireman or doctor or the like, but loves animals. Can’t wait to design some of my own. (And yes, the elephant pompom headdress is adorable).

  7. l'etoile du nord says:

    these are the coolest gift ever. we all wear em at least twice a day. the meowzer is my personal favorite.

  8. Kimberly says:

    Holy crap balls. You are just hitting it out of the park for me right now. Tutorials – yes please. I am in love.

  9. heather says:

    These are adorable! I love them!!

  10. Lauren says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Can’t wait to make one! Thanks!

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