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up to the lake

We are off to the lake for a week! I will be back with KCWC (kids clothes week challange, don’t you know) news and lots more.

See you then!

come back soon

I’m going to take a little break from this space, but I will come back soon.  Photo by Thomas Hawk

technical difficulties

hey everyone, I wanted to post today, but my computer is having some issues. Sorry! too bad mr. muscles up there can’t fix it. I’ll try to be back tomorrow with some awesome things on the internet.

belt giveaway winners!

Your stories kept me laughing all weekend long, thank you! If you haven’t read the comments go check them out–there are some crazy boy antics in there. Now for the winners:

  • allison waken Says:
    February 18th, 2010 at 2:31 pm e
    Just yesterday I caught my 5 year old ready to ride down the stairs of his brothers bunk bed on his skateboard. I think they just like to make sure I’m on all the time ;)
    Love these belts. I am definitely going to try to make one – hopefully some day soon!
  • ~Heather Says:
    February 19th, 2010 at 8:10 am e
    When my sons were in utero my cat used to sleep next to my belly and when she purred my little guys would move around in response to her deep, lulling sounds!
    I think the plaid belt would be great for any season, on winter jeans or summer shorts! ~H

So Allison gets the wood grain belt and Heather gets the plaid one. I’ll email you to get your addresses.  I hope they fit your boys!

Thanks to everyone who subscribed (or followed or whatever). And while we are talking about RSS feeds, let me put a plug in for google reader. It really is a fantastic way to read all the blogs you follow. Pip had a post a while back (edit-sorry I forgot the link!)about all the cool stuff you can do with google reader and it’s very good so just go read it, so I don’t have to say it all. There is also a “share” feature there that I’m curious about:  You can share posts (from other blogs) that you find interesting with all who are on your sharing list. Does anyone use it? I have some sites I’d like to share with all of you (google reader users or not) but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

belt giveaway *giveaway closed*

Wow! There has been such an amazing response to the boy belt tutorial! I think there must be a lot of boys out there running around with their pants falling down–no more!

To thank you for all your kind words and links I thought I’d giveaway a few of the belts I made, because as you can see they are not keeping any pants up around here. The skinny plaid one and the wider wood grain belt are up for grabs (for a better picture look here). If you’d like to enter tell me a funny story about a little boy you know–a brother, a son, the crazy little boy down the street. There is always one who tried to fly from on top of the refrigerator or covered himself in crisco or skiied down the basement stairs. If you can’t think of a story, just tell me which one you’d like. And if you’d like to be entered twice you can subscribe to my blog (and tell me in your comment) or link to the belt tutorial on your blog or tweet it. Or all three if you’d like, but I’ll only love you more–just 2 entries max per person! I will pick two winners (pick a winner!) on Monday morning, February 22 CST.  Good luck!