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zakka style winner

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So the winner is Ginger from chazandginger! I’ll email you shortly, Ginger and soon you’ll have a towel for your kitchen and a book for your bookshelf. If you like, you can head on over to amazon (or your local bookstore) and pick up your very own copy of Zakka Style.


Thank you, everyone, for telling me how you get here and to other blogs. It seems it’s a pretty even spit between google reader and good ol’ bookmarks. If those of you in the bookmark camp have never tried google reader, I highly recommend it. My bookmarks were a hot mess until I signed up. In google reader you can organize the blogs you follow, mark them to read later, and search all read and unread posts. The next button is a nice browsing feature where you can go directly to the most recently updated blog. Pip introduced me to it a few years ago.


Now I might just go make myself a cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading like so many of you said you do in the mornings. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


instagram montage

I’m finding instagram quite addictive. And awesome. You can find me by searching for elsiemarley. Be warned though, 80% of pictures are probably going to be food. Are you on it? Leave your username in the comments so I can find you!

instagram montage

little bits quilting bee winner!

ice cream quilt

Thanks to a sick, crabby baby the giveaway got extended overnight :)  The winner of Little Bits Quilting Bee is #39 Melissa D from suburbanitis:

Melissa D says:

I absolutely adore the rainbow quilt! Wow.


Even if you didn’t win, do check out the book. It is a fantastic resource and a great reason to go fabric shopping.  If you are looking for more good crafting books (or looking to fill up your christmas list) I have a bunch of recommendations in my Amazon store.  And for all the books I’ve reviewed you can go to my library page.

Have a lovely weekend!

sunday mondays

sunday mondays

Blatantly stealing the title and idea from Trula‘s beautiful sunday monday posts.

“…try to take as much of that Sunday feeling into Monday.”

Because our Sunday was pretty spectacular.

september sponsorship

august tomatoes

August just flew by and now we are barreling into September! Would you like to sponsor Elsie Marley for this lovely month? The spots are 125 pixels square and $25/month. I try to keep my rates low so little shops and blogs can afford sponsorship. And if you are nervous about getting into advertising, I’m super laid back about it all, so don’t worry. Just email me already!

Happy September (almost)!