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conjoined twins

such strange trends in the softie making world. please click on the picture to find out whose demented imaginations came up with all these wonderful dolls.


some greens for today. click on the picture for all the photo credits.


just a little flickr action for the weekend.

click on the picture for all photo credits.


There are a couple images that have really caught my eye recently that I wanted to share with you, dear readers.

The first two are from the blog Debi Van Zyl. The mobile I think is just fanastic. I have always loved those strange little seed pods and I think this is a beautiful way to use them. And I can’t stop thinking about the polaroid pictures she took and what great little art quilts they would make. I never thought I’d be one to make an art quilt, but it’s next on my list (right after all that other stuff).

It was this block [edit: the picture was removed by the artist, sorry] that got me thinking about art quilts to begin with. It’s from the blog Dear Meagan, and she has recently made another block just as beautiful as the first. The soft toy is hers as well. I think this is a great idea and a nice way to remember how little your little one once was and the adorable outfits they won’t let you put on them anymore.