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things on the internet that are awesome

These kind of posts are addictive. You do one and then suddenly you find all these other things that are awesome and you need another. So maybe this will become a regular thing, though I’m bad at sticking to “every friday I will…” so let’s just say it’s a feature that will come and go. So here are this week’s awesome things on the internet:

This leaf crown was part of a “homemade halloween” post on Dos Family. I want to make this before the leaves get too crunchy and crumbly. They are almost all off the trees, so I better work fast. Damn if winter isn’t on it’s way already.

Ringo is a fantastic resource for creative kids projects that I heard about on bkids. It’s in french, but with my handy dandy google translator I can read it all.  It’s a beautiful site with tons of drawing projects, download-able masks, children’s book reviews and lots more. They say,  “ Each publication will be monthly and will include a fortnight of activities.” Awesome! So go check it out.

I can’t remember where I found this, but the Play Box looks like a pretty fantastic christmas present for any kid. A box filled with flip books, word games,  pictures that come to life when you hold them up to the light, a cool Russian kid’s book from 1928? I’m in.

And just so you don’t think everything awesome on the internet is for kids, here is today’s project on design sponge: crocheted hanging plant holders. I need to new crochet project and I think this is just the thing as everything fades and turns brown outside we need some color and life inside. But they would also make cute kid purses.

things on the internet that are awesome

I don’t normally do posts like this–there are plenty of others who do it often and well–but it’s been busy around here lately. And if we aren’t busy then we’ve been sick, so my evenings are filled with the wonderful and mindless linklinklinking that is the internet. There is some fantastic stuff out there. So here’s a little list of things on the internet that are awesome (this week):

Stella McCartney for the gap. I can’t get over the how awesome the band jacket is and that leopard dress ain’t too shabby either.

this is an ikea chair. and though I have too much ikea shit in my house and would rather not have more, I love this freakin chair.

my kids would go crazy for these blocks (called playshapes)by Miller Goodman and I would probably play with them a bunch too.

I know this is an old post from the purl bee, but I just learned to crochet so it’s new to me. And isn’t it beautiful?

And these slippers look perfect for slipping on right about now (if you knit she sells the pattern, if you don’t she’ll make them for you).

ok. I think that’s enough, I’m getting all wanty now.

friday flickr favorites

because it’s been a while.

1. Untitled, 2. clever drawers, 3. mountain goat, 4. a whale tower, 5. mugs & china cups, 6. Doughnuts and Coffee Cupcakes, 7. aithiopians, 8. banana-antlers, 9. Hope

lovely blogs

sorry. This week just got away from me (for many reasons, but I won’t bore you with them). Kristin over at plush you wrote my blog up in a list of 15 lovely blogs. Thank you kristin! I am supposed to pass on the link love by listing 15 newly discovered blogs that I have found. And what the hell, here goes:

1. beci orpin
2. sparkle power
3. the brick house
4. violetta estacalda
5. quinn
6. on hand modern
7. sweet sweet life
8. this tiny house
9. dolls and things
10. clever girl
11. lea redmond
12. the story girl
13. misako mimoko
14. seed stitching
15. at swim two birds

whew! have a good weekend (and may some of it be spent outside and not on the computer). see you sometime next week.

friday flickr favorites

seems like the friday thing to do. have a nice weekend!

1. IMG_2696, 2. milk, 3. felt, 4. Mr. Radish, 5. old jersey, 6. boat, 7. log cabin baby blanket (folded), 8. birds for fan, 9. Atari Teenage Rabbit