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We had a lovely Thanksgiving (thanks for asking). I mean look at that table–it’s about as american as it gets! We stuffed ourselves with delicious food, went for a walk, then came back to eat some more. And now it’s on to the next holiday!

December is going to be fantastic month here at elsie marley: christmas candies, and christmas cookies, and christmas cards, and maybe even a christmas tutorial or two.  So what do you say? How about sponsoring some holiday cheer? If you would like a sponsor spot for December ($25/month) please drop me a line at:

I welcome new (and of course returning) sponsors! Happy Holidays!

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happy thanksgiving

I have zero thanksgiving decorations, so I came up with this little project. It doesn’t really need any explanation, just push some cloves into some clementines and spell a word.  You could get all fancy with fonts and it might be good to sketch the letters on first. I just did it freehand (and I’m sure you can tell). Clementines have a thinner skin than oranges so it makes pushing the cloves in much easier. This is a great project for kids and a good spelling lesson to boot. My daughter is really into letters right now and  it went over big. I didn’t dry them so they won’t keep, but they still smell pretty. Now we just have to make some hand turkeys and we’re set!