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mutant gingerbreadmen

I posted about these little guys when I was working on them, but now they are all sewn up and ready to be wrapped.  Five presents down, many many more to go.  My sister (hi judith!) picked up this little tree at her local thrift store for me last summer, but I hadn’t taken it out of the box until today.  It’s a perfect little charlie brown tree! I can’t wait to put it in my daughters room and help her decorate it.  We went to Target the other day and had to go around and around their christmas display a hundred times. I liked christmas before, but christmas with a 2 year old is going to be ridiculously fun.

advent calendars

I know it’s not quite the holiday season proper, but if I’m going to make an advent calendar (like I say I will every year) then I better start soon. Here are a couple that I think are just lovely.

Martha Stewart made this one, of course. I think only Martha could make 25 gifts small enough to fit in it–really what the hell do you put in there? one m&m? whoopie.  Still part of me wants to make it, because it’s just so damn clever and the tiny drawers are ridiculously cute.

This one is from the flickr group DIY holidays 2007, which is full of chock full of ideas. It was inspired by Martha and made by Ali Edwards .

And this is my favorite: an advent calendar kit from Domesticali‘s etsy shop. She’s sold out, but maybe we could all convince her to make more. Have a good weekend everyone!

bridging the gap

These guys are bridging the gap between halloween and christmas.  Well, there used to be a gap.  Now there is hardly enough time to take down the halloween decorations before the christmas ones come out.  Thanksgiving’s really getting the shaft these days.  Anyway, these mutant gingerbread men are on their way to becoming ornaments for my sister and her family.  When we were kids, we made gingerbread men every year and there were always a couple with two heads or four legs.  But my oldest sister’s three boys took this to another level–they made half bird/half man gingermutants, men with 20 legs and 7 heads,  men covered in eyeballs, poor sweet gingerbread men with all their parts rearranged, anything their strange, little boy imaginations could think up.  My nephews are not little anymore, but I thought they might like a little reminder of their cookie torturing days.  I have one more to make (an octopus gingerbread lady for my sister) and then I’ll sew them and stuff them and maybe even wrap them suckers.  Maybe this will be the year I get my christmas presents done early!