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crocheted hats

I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to make every project in the Kid’s Crochet book. And here are 2 more. This little pointy number is pretty fantastic. The super cuteness doesn’t really come across in the photos, not that I didn’t try–my children will. not. be. still! As with all the projects in the book, this hat went very fast and I didn’t have one bit of trouble with it (here are the specs). My daughter picked out the variegated yarn (she called it rainbow yarn) from Joann’s and I wanted to try to get another hat out of it, so I added some stripes.

To mark the back of the hat, I embroidered her name on some wool felt and stitched it in. She picked out the orange thread and damn if that child doesn’t just have some amazing, if sometimes crazy, color sense. What four year old picks out taupe yarn anyway? But she did and it’s beautiful. While we were at the store we got some yarn for a cardigan I want to crochet for her. Stupidly I didn’t bring the pattern and we ended up buying the wrong size yarn, but she chose three gorgeous colors: a purpley raspberry, a magenta and a taupe-y brown. I never would have thought that’s what she would pick.

The skull cap (a variation of the same pattern) went even faster than the first hat. I did run out of yarn, so I added larger stripes of the yarn leftover from his scarf, but the wool at the bottom is curling. I haven’t blocked it, but how do you block a hat? On your head?


Still truckin along with crochet. These little scrubbers work up super quick and they work! I have a problem with sponges and their nastiness (but obviously I have no problem with my sink being nasty and dirty. The anal retentive midwestern in me need to break out the old toothbrush and scrub scrub scrub). I found the pattern in the vast ravelry sea, I think. It’s not worked in a circle, which is good for me because circular crochet still eludes me. You can find the pattern here. I think they will make great stocking stuffers, if not the most exciting ones. The japanese have of course made a cute artform out of the lowly scrubbie–the tawashi–and now that I’ve made one I want to make them all!

crocheted scarves

I’m still learning to crochet with the awesome Kid’s Crochet book, which is long overdue at the library. My son picked out the gold yarn at the yarn store to match his coat and I picked out the blue, so it wouldn’t be so matchy matchy. The pattern called for three colors and I think that would have been better, because my scarves turned out kind of school colors-y (or hogwarts-y, hogwarstian?).  But I’m happy with them anyway and the kids love them. The blue and gold one was done with single crochet into the front loop and the purple and blue one done into the back loop, just so I could practice them both.  I haven’t blocked the purple one yet and I don’t know when that is going to happen. I think blocking is to crocheting (or knitting) as hemming is to sewing: that last pain in the ass thing that never gets done, but has to and should because it makes everything look finished.

I can crochet!

I’ve tried to knit many times, but I get so tense while I’m knitting (is this right?? is it working?) that my stitches get so ridiculously tight I can’t shove  the   damn    needle    under   the      yarn.  And even if I do loosen up, it takes me forever and I just don’t have the patience. I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet because I know it is faster than knitting and I want to be part of the yarn kids click too.  I’m just so nervous when it comes to working with yarn–you can’t really half ass it, like you can with sewing. So I checked out Kids Crochet by Kelli Ronci and Lena Corwin because I figured if they can teach kids they can teach me.

It’s a beautiful book and the projects are awesome, but I still didn’t really get how to crochet.  You tube to the rescue! I watched a 3 minute video on single crochet and a few hours later I had a scarf.  It helped immensely that the yarn was super bulky and the hook super bulky too (a size P).  I was originally going to make the shorter neck wrap on the cover for my daughter, but I enjoyed the actual crocheting so much I just kept going until I used up the whole ball (skein? I know no yarn lingo) and now the scarf is mine. I have plans to make more projects from the book (like all of them) but I need to learn more than just single crochet for that.

Oh, I don’t know why I didn’t mentioned this sooner (October is flying by!) but I was asked by the lovely ladies of Habit to be a contributor for the month. Habit is a photographic collection of the little bits of life from both Emily and Molly and the women they ask to participate. It’s been extremely enjoyable and a good excuse to try to take more–and possibly better–pictures. So go check it out.