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twofer: squid + printer

creative assignment: squid + printer

I sent out all the creative assignments earlier this week.  I took all the words you gave me, numbered them, and then had a random number generator spit out pairs. Some of the pairs were super random! Check these suckers out:  (more…)

creative assignment: twofer

creative assignment: twofer

It’s been a little while since our last Creative Assignment and I’m ready for another! How about you? Just the promise of Fall has me feeling refreshed.

creative assignment: twofer

1. lincoln 2. banana 3. dj felix 4. cyclops 5. doorbell 6. diy sticker mandala

New ideas are the new thing these days. It sometimes seems our economy is riding on the hope of “new ideas.” As humans we are always looking for the exciting new thing. As modern humans we are looking to wow our boss or get famous or make bank, all with the one new idea. (more…)

creative assignments due: light

creative assignment: light

1. skirt as top 2. you and mie 3. the joy of cooking 4. microbesofunusualsizes 5. a happy stitch 6. damsel_fly

So many lovely photos for May’s creative assignment. Everyone tried to capture light in different ways. I love how in the first photo it is if the light is coming toward you and away from you at the same time. I’m reading a few books about light at the moment and the Greeks believed light emanated from the eye. We saw things because they were lit from the fire within ourselves. It’s called  the emission theory and though it has obviously be disproved, it’s still kind of lovely to think about.


creative assignment: light

creative assignment: light

You guys have been hounding me for your next creative assignment. I love it! It means you are as excited about this as I am (now if I could stop being a week behind on everything). I have been thinking about this challenge for a while now. I had a different idea, one that was pretty good and I was sure I was going to go with it. Then I accidentally fell in love with an artist.

james turrell

1. Aten Rein at the Guggenheim 2. Stonescape 3. Apani, Ganzfeld 4. Stufe 5. Live Oak Friends Meeting House

I read this article about James Turrell in MIT Technology Now (it’s a tech magazine, yes I am a nerd). I felt this rush of excitement and awe just reading about his work. I spent the next 3 hours (more…)

creativity: lipstick and cowboy boots

elsie marley // creativity: lipstick and cowboy boots

I’m so glad you guys enjoyed my last post about creativity. Now we know you and everyone around you is  creative, whether or not you define yourself by your creativity. But how do you access it? How do you turn it on? The absolutely best way to kill all creativity is say, “Be Creative!” Arg! I think I even did that in my last post, sorry. It’s so easy to do, because if you are telling someone else to be creative then you probably aren’t the one doing the actual creative work.

And being creative is work. Like work it is really hard to get started and it totally sucks sometimes. Other times it’s so awesome you can’t even stand it. (more…)