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summer journal: writing

summer writing

This summer I’m trying to get my kids to do a bit of reading and writing everyday. The reading bit is no problem–I have a heathy addiction to the library. But I wasn’t sure what I could do for writing practice.

summer writing

Turns out my children love worksheets, or in internet speak, printables. I am not a teacher and have no idea what my kids officially need, but I know what they like. They are engaged and putting pencil to paper. I think that is good enough for summertime.

summer writing

I started a printables board on pinterest to keep track of the good ones I come across. Here are the ones that we keep coming back to:

for my 3 year old: You can customize this printable┬áto say whatever you like. He’s just starting to learn how to write his name, so I plug that in most of the time and he loves it. The day I plug in P O O P to that worksheet is the day I become the funniest mother in the entire world.

for my 6 year old: This is not the most exciting printable, but it is my six year old’s favorite. There is a space on top for drawing or pasting a picture and enough room on the bottom for a super short story.

for my 7 year old: My daughter loves to read, but sometimes she reads so fast I’m not sure the all words have time to reach her brain. So I’ve started giving her book report sheets to fill out. She likes the ones where you get to draw a picture. I like these printable book reports that focus on separate things: one for characters, one for researching the author, there is even one for writing a new ending!

I’ve only just scratched the surface, I’m sure. If you have any suggestions for writing work or cool printables you’ve found–please share! My kids will thank you!