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sugar city

If you don’t know about the two talented ladies from Sugar City Journal, now you do. They make ridiculously stylish and modern and cute and functional clothes for their kids. And I have been waiting patiently for their patterns to be published. Luckily, I was first in line when they came out and snatched up the pattern for the village frock dress. I’m hoping it will become my little girl’s chirstmas dress. And I was thinking about making it in velvet (or velvette) but the more I think about it the more expensive it sounds. And I’m guess velvet is hard. Any suggestions?

The picture is the packaging (duh). It’s made out of a paper bag and stitched at the sides. On the pattern itself it says, “you are a sewing genius.” Yeah! And here’s the back of the package because it’s as nice as the front.