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knitted tote with twill tape handles

This is post I did last month on Crafterhours for The Twill Tape Guy. 
knitted tote with twill tape handles by elsie marley

I am brand new to the world of knitting. This tote is my second knitting project ever! And to be honest, my first project was just a warm up to get to this one. Because you see, when I discovered the book Simple Knitting by Erika Knight I wanted to make almost every project in it, but I had to learn how to knit first!

simple knitting by erika knight

The book is full of lovely projects, all accessible to the beginner knitter, and presented beautifully. The instructions are clear and very well illustrated–a very rare thing indeed!


I can knit!

I knit this!

Way back when I first learned to crochet, I titled the post “I can crochet!” so how could I not title this one, “I can knit!”? Looking at my first knitting project I probably should have called it, “I can sort of knit.” My cowl is a bit of a train wreck: dropped stitches, uneven edges, and because I enlarged the pattern incorrectly, one extra big rib.

I knit this!

It is straight up becky home-ec-y and I love it! I have always found knitting to be intimidating and really just hard. For my first knitting project I did exactly what I did for my first crochet project: I chose a pattern that used huge needles and huge yarn, so it knits up fast. Then I didn’t really follow the pattern anyway. Instead I asked my friends (thank you, Cindy!) for help and when I still couldn’t do it, I asked youtube for the answers.

It is absolutely exhilarating to learn a new craft. Now there are a thousand things I want to knit! The first one on my list is, god help me, another cowl.