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stripey shirt

I’m ashamed to say how long ago I started this shirt. I think it was supposed to be for Rae’s spring top week, which was in April. Well, it is very much summer here now and it’s finally done. Too late for one contest, but just in time for another. ha! The shirt started out as this ridiculously large muumuu swim suit cover up from h&m. I had been looking for a stripey shirt for summer, but couldn’t find one that was just right.  I saw this gigantic number and liked the stripes, so I spent all of 5 bucks for it.  I thought with that much fabric I could probably screw up and still come out with a shirt.

I used a 70s knit shirt pattern I had squirreled away and it worked out ok. I lent the pattern to a friend so I can’t show you the pattern picture, but it’s a v-neck, raglan sleeve shirt with a little bit of gathers at the point of the V.  I’ve had shirts like this before and they have always been flattering.  I didn’t gather it as much as the pattern wanted me too because it made the V neck too high up and I wanted a  deeper V, so next time I’ll try to figure out how to make the pattern do both those things at the same time. It also came out a little boxy and a little short, but I think I can fix that next time.

I have no idea how the pattern wanted me to finish the neckline, which is why this shirt has been sitting around unfinished since April. Finally I just slapped a half ass binding on it and called it done. And I’m happy to say I actually wear the sucker. Out of the house even.

technical difficulties

hey everyone, I wanted to post today, but my computer is having some issues. Sorry! too bad mr. muscles up there can’t fix it. I’ll try to be back tomorrow with some awesome things on the internet.

stripey shirts and pants

This year I am determined to cut into the ridiculous amount of fabric I have amassed in my basement. It’s not there just to look at, right? It’s there so I can make the clothes and quilts and toys that my family needs instead of buying all that crap. So this is probably going to be the first of many matching family ensembles.


I don’t know how all those bloggers out there take beautiful pictures of their kids while showing off the beautiful clothes they have on at the same time. This is the best photo I got and it was the last of about a hundred, and really it’s not that great. But you get the drift: one long sleeve shirt, one short sleeve, and one pair of leggings.


all made out of this geek chic fabric I found at the thrift store a loooong while back. It is so perfectly seventies: the stripes are brown and this sort of rainbow confetti, meshy stuff (my daughter calls them her sprinkles pants). It’s a knit that has sat on the shelves waiting for me to learn how to use my serger. And guess what? I learned how to use my serger! A gracious friend taught me how while we made the 90 minute shirt together.


She made the long sleeve version and I made the short sleeve, but hers was so cute I ran home and made the long sleeve one. Of course I didn’t read the directions, screwed it up and the sleeves are too long, but that drooly baby really couldn’t care less.


Now my daughter wants to know where daddy and mama’s matching shirts are. Sound of music here we come!

gifts for me

I thought I’d show off some of the gifts I’ve received, because all the gifts I’m making are still in pieces (or shipped! yay!).   The tea cozy isn’t really a gift, unless you count the ones you give to yourself.   I never thought I would be a tea person, much less a tea cozy person, but after my second child I just stopped drinking coffee.  “COFFEE!” used to be the very first thought I had when I woke up in the morning, but my son was very sensitive to caffeine and with two kids I had to be able to nap at a moments notice, so I started drinking tea (fascinating stuff, Meg, do go on).  It is custom made (a couture cozy!) from this shop and it fits my funny tea pot perfectly.  The little knit thing next to it is a dishcloth.  Knit up by my mother, just because I said I liked hers. Thanks, Mom.  I can barely knit my way out of a paper bag, so it’s nice to finally have some beautiful knit goods around the house.

My oldest friend sent me an amazing christmas package yesterday full of fabric scraps, vintage buttons and trim, and the feminine encyclopedia!  Actually, l’encyclopedie feminine des ouvrages! I took a couple years of French in college, but translating Baudelaire and translating crochet patterns don’t have much in common.  Luckily the diagrams are explanation enough and the ideas are pretty fantastic.  I do love me a good 70s craft book.

Did you open any of your christmas presents yet?