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image by Eric Fisher via (sc)

Jenny over at wisktenmade said a while back that she collected images from the internet that inspired her or just struck her fancy and stuck them in a folder, then over time she could see themes come out: a certain color, or shade of a color, specific details, things that you so obviously like, but somehow tend to forget. I do tear pages out of magazines, but then get lazy when it comes time to put them somewhere (and then of course they are everywhere). It’s easier to collect images and links on the internet of course, but I wasn’t putting them in a place where I could step back and see them as a whole.  Then I found tumblr, a site that hosts mini blogs, and it was made for this kind of thing.  You can find me here on tumblr; let’s hang out.

So tumblr works really well to collect all the images you find inspiring, but then there is this sort of ridiculous site called rumblr, where you pit two tumblr sites against one another. It looks pointless in that “hot or not” kind of way, but it actually makes some beautiful diptychs that are inspiring in their own right. The one above and the one below are from mociun’s and the brick house’s tumblrs.

And these next two are a mash up of molly irwin‘s tumbler and and one of nat‘s awesome tumblr collections:

aren’t they wonderful?

And speaking of great photography, the lovely ladies at habit are featuring submissions from their readers all month. The only guidelines are to take an unstaged picture that represents your day in some way and post it the day it was taken.  I think that habit is a fantastic photography project that lets you stop fussing with what you are taking a picture of and just enjoy taking the picture.  It’s wonderful that they are letting their readers play along. I’ll be there and you can too.