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one quilt: august

This was my month for the one quilt project. I was pretty picky with the instructions (well I’m picky, I can’t help it) and the fabric choices were not super thrilling (unless you like gray as much as I do).  But I did ask everyone to incorporate a 3D or textural element into their block, which I was pretty excited about. Granted, I have no idea if this will even work in a quilt, but whatever. I used pleats for my block and thought it turned out well until I read my directions and had to add another strip of fabric to make it the right size. I’m going to put all the blocks in a line down the middle of the quilt. And once (if) it gets done it will go in our bedroom, because I spilled bleach all over our quilt. real swift, meg.


Simplicity 3835, almost done.  This is my first dress and it went surprisingly well. I don’t know what I was afraid of really.  Everything I had trouble with was only due to me not paying attention (or not reading the directions).  But it’s too big.  I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to be too small and I guess I did that, but dammit now I have to fix it.  I read somewhere that the arms were cut on the small side in this pattern and with my baby hefting biceps, this bigger size fits my arms just fine.  So do I have to take the arms completely off to take the dress in?  I’m guessing the answer is yes.  Oh well.

A few other garment making questions:

when do you finish the raw edges?  As you go or should you wait on certain ones until your sure it fits (yup, I zigzagged those damn armholes)?  My kenmore sewing machine has an “overlock” stitch–not the real thing I’m sure, but should I use that or a zigzag to finish the edges?

I fell in love with the print at the store ($3 a yard = $10 dress) but it’s a lot of print in one place and I’m not too sure if I can pull it off. Maybe it’ll look better when it actually fits.  I’m on the garment making bandwagon for sure now.  No one told me how easy this is.  So I’m telling you.  The pattern is by built by wendy and the directions are clear as a bell (the zipper was almost too easy).  So stop being intimidated by some tissue paper and sew yourself an outfit.  I already have a long list of things to add to my wardrobe.


for color week, a sunny and grey corner of my home.