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pleated bracelet

I don’t really wear much jewelry, but I’ve always wanted to try my hand at whipup’s assignments. And this month the theme is fiber jewelry. The only things other than my wedding ring that I wear are bracelets, so I made myself a bracelet. It is basically just a pleated strip of fabric (there may be a special name for this kind of pleat, I don’t know, but if you do please let me know) with a ribbon as a tie. Infinitely customizable and easy to whip up–it would be quick to make to match an outfit before going out. Not that I ever go out. But you do, so here’s a tutorial.

First measure your wrist, then multiply that by 2.5

Cut a large rectangle of fabric that is 4inches by (wrist measurement x 2.5)

fold it in half the long way (hot dog style), right sides facing, and sew down the long edge leaving the ends open.

Turn the resulting tube right side out, fold it in half so the seam is in the middle and press.

Starting about and inch from the raw edge, make one accordion fold one way and press, then another the other way and press, continuing until you’ve used the entire strip. Don’t worry about making them perfectly even–variation in size makes the bracelet interesting.

Pin the pleats in place and (carefully) try the bracelet on. Snip the ends off if it is too long, fiddle with the pleats if it is too small. When the bracelet is the right length, tuck the ends under and sew the opening shut.

Then tack down all the pleats with a long stitch. Go slowly!

Sew a pretty ribbon on top of the stitching you just did, leaving a couple inches at each end to tie a bow.

Put it on and your ready to go.

You could use a button and elastic loop for a closure, or button and button hole, or snap, or whatever you think would work. Even faster and a little more girly, is a ruffle bracelet. Just a strip of fabric (I used linen and left the edges raw) with a ribbon or some lace down the middle.

so there you go: my first whiplash entry and my first tutorial all rolled in one.


I didn’t actually notice how christmasy all this fabric was until I was checking out.  But now that halloween is out of the way, bring on the plastic glowing santas.

We are on a strict budget in these parts and impulse fabric buying sprees are not looked on favorably.  And I haven’t really bought anything in the past few months–I sure as hell have enough.  But a good friend and I went to a beautiful quilt store last weekend and I couldn’t just look at all the beautiful fabric.   It was such a treat to see all the fabric in person I have been looking at online for so long.   Though none of the ladies knew who Denyse Schmidt was and they had heard of Amy Butler, but didn’t think they had any of her prints (I really wanted to see the katie jump rope line and some of those crazy paisley  Amy Butler prints).  On the other hand, they had this amazing Kaffe Fasset shot cotton.  But I just got a couple fat quarters and remnants–to be good.   It was a really lovely trip: a huge fabric store, a friend as excited as I was, and time to look at everything without dealing with whining and boogers.

A couple days later I went to Joann’s to pick up some fiberfil (I used to get it from thrift stores, but then I found a bug in one…) and came out with a hell of a lot more. I had both babies in tow and saw a sign on all the cotton prints that said, “$1!”  I thought it was my lucky day and picked out a bunch of fabric and said a yard of each please! I couldn’t believe what a great deal I was getting and couldn’t figure out why people weren’t bum rushing the bolts.  As soon as all my fabric was cut and I was holding the receipt I figured it out.  Read the whole sign doofus–a dollar off.   But I did get some nice stuff that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  The lace print is really beautiful and the stone print has already given me a bunch of new ideas. But blew the budget.


I’m still posting about past projects, while I try to make this blog better. That will probably have to wait until the tech support I’m married to has time, which is always in short supply. There are new projects in the works, but progress is slow with two babies in my charge. This little banner was made for one of those babies. When I was pregnant with my second child, my friends threw me a lovely baby shower. Along with many unexpected and beautiful gifts, they all brought a little swatch of fabric to be made into a banner. My good friends, who planned it all, didn’t have sewing machines, so I offered to put it together. They gave me the templates–three different size triangles–and I cut and arranged the fabrics and sewed them to this big ol’ blue rickrack they picked out.  Nothing fancy, but the various sizes make it a little different and big rickrack is always awesome.  I really like that the fabric came from all different closets and bookshelves and boxes (why is it everyone has a little stash of fabric, even if they don’t sew?), that it’s a mix of new and old, and that it came together so well.  It makes me incredibly happy every time I look at it. We moved to this town when my daughter was very small and I didn’t know anyone. Now I am surrounded by a group of very generous and very talented women. I am too lucky.