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wiksten tank

wiksten tank

This top is made from fabric botched in the dye pot, which was supposed to be beautiful ombre curtains for my dining room, which before that was a lovely soft sheet on our bed, which got horriblly ripped, so I thought it would make nice curtains until I screwed it up the dye job (and turned the bathtub blue) and now, it turns out, is perfect for this top.

me and my wiksten tank

The tank top pattern is from wiksten made. Sadly, she’s not selling them anymore, but I bet if you scoured the web, one would pop up for sale. (By the way, if anyone has a xs, s, m tova top pattern that they’d like to trade for the tank top pattern–and trade back–let me know!)

wiksten tank back

The pattern is¬†incredibly simple and nicely done: french seams, all edges bias bound, nicely cut. Because I’m always scared I will make clothes too small, I cut out patterns too large. So with this one I just said fuck it and cut a small. The fit is okay, maybe a little close, but at least I don’t have to take the sucker in. I was a little on the edge about the contrasting pocket, but today I saw a lady with a freakin sequin pocket, so I think I’m good to go.

fabric help


I need some help. I dyed this piece of fabric to make a curtain for our bathroom window, but my husband vetoed it. It wasn’t the fabric that he didn’t like, he didn’t want a curtain at all.¬† We did put up frosted plastic (or whatever you call it) for privacy, but I am paranoid that my neighbors can see me. So now I have probably a little over a yard of this ombre-ish fabric and don’t know what to make. Do you have any good ideas? Or patterns that would work?


I picked up this fabric from the sale bin (5 bucks!) yesterday because I really like the pattern, but I’m not super crazy for the colors. I thought maybe I could bleach it or overdye it or both. Do you think that would work? What color dye would look good over it? It’s just so weirdly christmasy. What do you think?