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seventh day of advent


Growing up we were a very lazy (and cheap) get your christmas tree on christmas eve kind of family. I won’t even go into the time we didn’t have a tree, but instead clothespinned pine branches onto our fig tree (I thought it was because of my whining, but I think it was the laziness, see above). Needless to say, I am now fully in the christmas tree the day after thanksgiving camp. So ours is up and decorated–by my 2 and 4 year old, but decorated nonetheless. Even if you don’t have a tree yet you can download, color and decorate this lovely one just the way you like.

Show off all your pretty trees here and buy a coloring book for under the tree here!

sixth day of advent


We’re getting out all the christmas boxes today and doing it up! Though with a two and a four year old I think we’ll skip the cool vintage balls this year.  But these ornaments aren’t breakable! Download today’s coloring page here and show it off here.

And purchase the whole coloring book in my etsy shop.

fifth day of advent


Download this portly little snowman here and color him for the fifth day of advent. Remember to put out your shoes for St. Nicholas day tomorrow! He might just leave you an advent calendar coloring book of your very own!

fourth day of advent


It’s the fourth day of advent today and there are only 21 days until Christmas (and my list keeps getting longer, not shorter). Today, for your coloring pleasure is one giant snowflake: click here to download. We got lots of little snowflakes here last night and things are finally starting to look a little christmasy. Nothing like a little snow to put you in a holiday mood. Happy Coloring!

As always, you can purchase the whole coloring book here and show off your fancy crayon skillz here.

third day of advent


It’s the third day of advent and from my coloring book today you get a lovely wreath with lots of little leaves to color and a big red? purple? green? blue? bow. Click here and download it, fire up the printer and color something pretty.  As always, you can show off your mad coloring skills in the elsie marley flickr group.

And for more advent calendar lovin, check out the awesome, virtual, all tutorial, crafy advent calendar at Cut Out &Keep!