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fourth day of advent


It’s the fourth day of advent today and there are only 21 days until Christmas (and my list keeps getting longer, not shorter). Today, for your coloring pleasure is one giant snowflake: click here to download. We got lots of little snowflakes here last night and things are finally starting to look a little christmasy. Nothing like a little snow to put you in a holiday mood. Happy Coloring!

As always, you can purchase the whole coloring book here and show off your fancy crayon skillz here.

third day of advent


It’s the third day of advent and from my coloring book today you get a lovely wreath with lots of little leaves to color and a big red? purple? green? blue? bow. Click here and download it, fire up the printer and color something pretty.  As always, you can show off your mad coloring skills in the elsie marley flickr group.

And for more advent calendar lovin, check out the awesome, virtual, all tutorial, crafy advent calendar at Cut Out &Keep!

second day of advent


Every day of advent I will be posting a page from my coloring book for you to download.  On the second day of advent you get a string of lights to color. Do you have lights up yet? Time to get out those crayons and pencils. Click here to download the page!

If you are extra proud of your work  feel free to show it off in the elsie marley flickr page.

advent calendar coloring book!

I am super excited to tell you about this project. After much help from my computer genius of a husband, you can now buy (for the super cheap price of $2.50) and download my Advent Calendar Coloring Book.  Then check “make advent calendar” off your list.  Done and done. All the pictures were drawn by yours truly and I had a fine time doing it. We all should draw more often. And color more often too! Because of course after making a coloring book, I had to break out the crayons and pencils and color!

My daughter, who is my little tester, has colored three whole books already and advent hasn’t even begun. And really, you could print out a coloring book a day for advent, instead of coloring one picture a day.  My kids are coloring fiends, so that much coloring wouldn’t be unheard of. And of course you don’t have to use it as an advent calendar, but just color all the christmasiness to get in a happy holiday mood.

And as a special treat, I am going to have a page to print out and color everyday for advent on my blog. So be sure to stop by tomorrow for the first one!

advent calendar

I actually had this done early–one whole day early, but I’ve been too busy sewing to post.  I had a couple different ideas, but spent too much time thinking about them and not actually making them.  This is from some old martha stewart magazine and with two little babies in the house we are flush with baby socks (though not all in red and green, so I picked up some second hand ones).  I even had some mini clothespins on hand! I picked up a bunch of little vintage ornaments to go in each sock. This is my favorite.

If you don’t have a calendar yet (this is usually the position I am in) I think this is a nice little grown up one you can download and print.