making mondays

October 9th, 2007


Inspired by good + happy day’s week of organized activities, I declared Monday “making day.” I’m afraid it stops there though–I just don’t have the follow through for everyday to have a planned activity. But I always wanted to be that mom that lets her kids go crazy with art, screw the mess. But then I became a mom. And it involves a lot of mess: dirty dishes, dirty laundry, dirty diapers, dirty hands, dirty faces. So much of everyday is cleaning babies and things that it’s hard to start something that you know will make yet another mess. My daughter just turned 2 and she needs some more art making in her life and I need to say screw the mess a little more. So this morning we made potato prints: she watched as I cut the shapes out of the potatoes (“star! star!”), dipped them in the paints, and kind of got the hang of stamping, but somehow painting the potatoes was more fun, as was painting her arm and her hands and her belly, but really it wasn’t more than soap and water couldn’t handle. And there you go. Art.

If you’d like to join in Making Mondays (or any day really) do! Comment and tell me what you and your littles make together. Or make a date for next Monday.


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7 Responses to making mondays

  1. Michelle says:

    I love the photos of your activity. The colors are yummy. Now I have to go look at that book so I can get my act together. I forget how fun potato prints are.

  2. kirsten says:

    this is a really good idea – just to schedule time for it. because it’s so messy sometimes i just don’t feel like dealing with it!
    i may join in.
    (cute blog!)

  3. VictoriaE says:

    Don’t say you don’t think your photos are good – these two are paticularly brilliant!!

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  5. mamasgotmoxie says:

    it’s funny how you plan activities for your child in your mind and in reality they just want to take the materials and run with them (and paint themselves instead of the paper!). i know the feeling. my son is also 2. he recently received a big red radio flyer wagon for his 2nd birthday and my husband and i thought, cool! we can take him for rides around the neighborhood. only he doesn’t want to ride in the thing and barely wants us to touch it. so we slowly walk along with him while he slowly pulls this big hunk o’ wagon. it’s a funny sight to see! i’m sure people who ride by wonder why we make him pull his own wagon!! haha…

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