kids clothes week spring 2012

March 21st, 2012

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Spring has sprung and that means it’s time again for kcwc! Kids Clothes Week Challenge is a bi-annual event here on elsie marley where I challenge you to sew one hour a day, each day for 7 days.  The idea is that we all have the urge to sew clothes for our children, but we don’t always give ourselves the time to do it.  If you commit to sitting in front of your sewing machine, or tracing patterns, or cutting fabric, for one hour each day, then at the end of the week you will have some very well dressed kids. And a very proud mama (or papa) too!

button for kids clothes week challenge

All you need to do to sign up is leave a comment on this post. If you would like to know more about kcwc you can check out the kcwc faq page. You can also head to the elsie marley flickr group to check out creations from kcwc past or see all my posts on kcwc here.

If you would like to sponsor elsie marley during kcwc, I would love to have you! Kcwc has become wonderfully successful, so much so that traffic to this little blog doubles during kcwc month! Sponsor spots go up a bit in price ($40) but it’s totally worth it. Drop me a line if you’d like to get in on the action.

Okay! leave a comment and sign up! spread the word! and sew like crazy!


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692 Responses to kids clothes week spring 2012

  1. MARISOL says:

    Hola muy hermoso proyecto, te felicito por tu blog y deseo participar

  2. Amy says:

    I have some clothes I have been wanting to do for my boys…this will make sure I get them done…I’m in!

  3. […] decided to go easy on the first day of the kids clothes week challenge, and started with another duvet cover for Kaya. Not as elaborate as the last one, I just used one […]

  4. allison says:

    I’m in – I’ll be doing swimsuits and other fun summery things!

  5. […] I actually managed to get something sewn! It was a bit touch and go, but my first item for Kids Clothing Week Challenge is a pair of bubble […]

  6. Celina says:

    Oup’s I forgot to sign in… Count me in! :)

  7. nanann says:

    I’m in! Although I’ve been spending these first couple days doing my pile of mending instead of creating new clothes! But gosh, that pile of mending is big!

  8. Melissa says:

    I’m in! Starting with some shorts and then on to pjs for my toddler boy, and summer bonnets for my 3 girls!

  9. […] love Elsie’s clothes week challenges to set me in the mode of completing half finished projects. I finally resized Little M’s […]

  10. Anna Gasking says:

    Whoop! I’ve started. One skinny tee made, and a dress ready to be started tonight.

  11. Rohini says:

    Yay, just what I need to make me accountable! Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes.

  12. Laura says:

    I’m counting two hours of pre-washing and ironing as prep. With that in mind, I hope I’m able to catch up to the pretty goodness I’ve seen.

  13. […] pants are part of my participation in Kids Clothes Week Challenge hosted by Elsie Marley. This time I tried to take it slowly and not going for one project a day. […]

  14. […] pants are part of my participation in Kids Clothes Week Challenge hosted by Elsie Marley. This time I tried to take it slowly and not going for one project a day. […]

  15. michal says:

    I’m also in! For the very first time!!!
    already made some really cute pants…

  16. […] This one was started yesterday, and I just finished it up tonight. I’m partaking in the Elsie Marley KCWC, so this counts for days #1-2. The skirt is made with a lightweight denim that I reversed. The […]

  17. […] día de la KCWC, sigo con buen ritmo. Ayer cosí dos camisetas de manga larga que van a formar parte del armario […]

  18. […] purchased one new pattern for KCWC (so far anyway, it’s still early!) – the Round Neck Top from That Darn Kat. Apparently […]

  19. Jess Mitchell says:

    This is my first time doing this, wish me luck!

  20. Ericka says:

    I realized I joined the flickr group, but I did not respond here. I am in!

  21. […] you participating in KCWC?  I am.  This is a great time to whip up a summer outfit for both kids.  Cy is getting […]

  22. […] day *4 of the kcwc I have to buy another fabric that will match the shibori-dyed fabric. Hope to see you again. Share […]

  23. […] clutch is for one of my daughters, so this sew along-project will also go with the kcwc from elsie […]

  24. Kristen says:

    I’m in- albeit two days late, but I am SO in. What a splendid idea!! :)