kids clothes week challenge: buttons, rules, and players

April 26th, 2010

the buttons:

Feel free to copy and paste these on your blog (click on the picture and it will take you to the link to use).

the rules:

Okay, there are no rules, but it sounds less wishy washy than guidelines or suggestions. Really there is only one thing you have to do if you want to participate in kids clothes week: sew.  Sew one hour each day the second week of May.  You should probably be sewing clothes for your kids, since it’s kids clothes week, but I think accessories are close enough. You don’t have to start a new project or buy new material, you could just finish those pants that have been waiting for cuffs or the sundress you started last summer that still needs buttons. The point is just to work a little each day and see what you have to show for it at the end of the week. There aren’t any prizes, but you can post photos of your finished work in the elsie marley flickr group and we will all oooo and ahhhh over them. And that’s better than a cheap trophy, right?

the players:

kim,   tracy,   melaniemon amiannri,  terry,  kristin,  mary jo,   andreaekaren, jessannikamorgan,   kristin,   jen f,   amanda,  karin,   frekled henangie k, shauna, cookcleancraft, staci,  rochellelesliefionastephanieapril kyrie, annajennifer,  tessa,  sandrabrittandreamonique,  stephanie,  kateheathersamlamb, trula,  rebecca,  crafty tammie, nanette, melissa q.pamela, bethroxyheatheranjasuzannemany a mickle,  elisabeth, candacemojavisuzanngeorgielliesophieerikahillarygabriellekionazenzhettyjulesellenislay,  kari,  addiejennyjenniferstephaniekaritaralouise,  laura,  devenmrspilkingtonwanettrachelerinlisacherylbethsarahdottycookiecasey,  michelle,  sarahbellyjacquibeth lemonodessa, liamama urchinkimberyrachelrobynsarahlaurelkatherinehillarykathleenginervajennifer, kayannashisomama, shannon, nancy, tami,  audreybeckybrookestacymama-panrheaamymaryangelacourtneychrissykathinataliekirsten, jenna, bekiimenechantalsarahbarbarakellygailchristineingridjerriclaudiamelodygrace, isa marie, sabra , commonplaceiris, grace, wendy, lisa, marina, kristi, ellen, marlenacourtney, caroline, kara, valeria, shanee, jackie, robyn, heather, helen, katherine, the artful parent two pockets, wendy, michele, rachel, emily, jessica, courtney, susan, tanya, shael, emily, ash, emmy, michelle, natasha, michele, lexie, sara, kim, jillian, heather, miktha, connie, huana, abbiehelen, andrea, susannah, sandra, zuri, julie, uk lass in us, tlbor, jill, katie, melanie, christie, cat, jenny, sony, lynn, frikadel, ruth, evajulie, tangerine dreams, rebecca, cheryl, elana, emily, rebecca, corina, anna, robyn, carrie, becky, paige, kerry, renee, cassis, pati, erin, lizzykendra, ane, lucy, tracey, josie, nichole, samantha, meg, andrea, megan, stephani, briana, natalie, cheryl, heather, rhianno, valerie, sascha, mandy, tanja, naomi, chantal, lily, nicola, stephanie,

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134 Responses to kids clothes week challenge: buttons, rules, and players

  1. Lisa says:

    Just the motivation I need to wrap up some Summer sewing!

  2. Oh this looks like so much fun! Am I too late? I think I’ll play along even if I am. Love your blog :)

  3. Briana says:

    I’d like to join. I just found out about this on freckled hen’s blog.

  4. Natalie says:

    I’m in too! Made a start last night with a skirt and top all cut out ready to sew this afternoon

  5. rose says:

    i do this daily anyway! between sewing for my site and sewing for my two grandbabies (4 & 1 yr) my sewing machine lights are rarely off.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I’m SOOO in!! :)

  7. I am joining! Late is better than never!

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  9. nova says:

    have had a mixed start to my week, but it’s great for beating procrastination!

  10. Chantal says:

    I know I’m late but can I join too please? Have done an hour yesterday & today already. Putting together a dress which I cut out for my daughter weeks ago!

  11. naomi says:

    Hope I am not too late! Count me in.

  12. Mandy says:

    Yes! I’m working on quite a few things and can’t wait to share!

  13. […] late to officially get on the list….but it’s not to late to participate!  Read more here and see pictures here.  Great way to bust that stash…and your kids will get clothes.  Win, […]

  14. Sascha says:

    Oh I am so in! Mostly because I absolutely love the buttons! No, really, I’ve been in the mood for kids clothes these days and I have lots of plans.

  15. Valerie says:

    I’d love to participate. Although my daughter is 10. maybe less cute than toddlers, but she badly needs some summer clothes that i couldn’t start this winter because my sewing stuff was packed waiting for my new studio to be ready.
    So please if the age doesn’t matter, count me in !

  16. I am a day late, but count me in. I have challenged myself to refashion my daughter’s entire summer wardrobe. This will keep me on track.

  17. Heather says:

    I’m a day late just found this but count me in this is just the motivation I need to start my daughter’s summer wardrobe!

  18. Cheryl says:

    I’ve just found out about your challenge (and discovered your lovely blog!) and am going to try this, since my baby girl is quickly outgrowing everything before the warm weather has even arrived. I love your “no rules” rules too – it much more fun and less stressful this way (especially with 3 kids at home!)

  19. AJ says:

    I’m in! Better late than never!

  20. josie says:

    A day late and a dollar short but please count me in.

  21. Andréann says:

    I’m so in!
    I’m making cloths in a row this week :)

    I’m also gonna check the rest of the blog!

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  23. Collins says:

    I would love to do this too! I’m late, but I’ve been sewing plenty this week already.

  24. I’m doing it! So far, two skirts, two dresses, a nightdress and a headscarf. (It was a crazy day, the scarf was all I could muster up!)

  25. […] shaped pocket on a whim, but like how it came out. Once again, this is part of my contribution to elsie marley‘s kid clothes week challenge. Head over there and see what everyone is […]