fabric stacks

February 19th, 2013

a pile of fabrics that will soon be girl clothes

My creative process often involves simply staring at all the fabric in my stash. Then after much staring, I make lots of little piles. I am particularly excited about the pile pictured above. Many adorable things are potentially in that pile–if all the sewing goes smoothly, of course.

a pile of fabrics that will soon be boy clothes

This pile is for things my children actually need, so it’s less exciting, but I still like it. Look at me making little piles of fabric and then telling the whole internet about them. Don’t call me crazy, I know you do it too :)


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37 Responses to fabric stacks

  1. christina says:

    Oh, yes, I actually do. So if we’re crazy at least we have company. ; )

  2. Hayley says:

    I tend to “organize” my sewing closet and force myself not to throw something out, because “well, you never know”. But I know. Some of that ridiculous girly fabric is never going to be used by me…why do I keep it?

  3. Jo says:

    hehe yes, I do!

  4. celina says:

    I’m happy to know I’m not the only one… and crazy is good anyways! Love that first pile- very inspiring indeed.

  5. Oh yes, I do! I love piles and looking at other peoples piles in internet. Those are good looking ones :D

  6. Leah Evans says:

    I spend so many hours making piles! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Melissa Q. says:

    oh man, so many piles! I do the same darn thing except I too often don’t even get around to the making. ugh.

  8. Carla says:

    I love me a good pile! Can’t wait to see what you make!

  9. Frances says:

    I do it too! Sometimes the making of fabric stacks is as satisfying for me as the making of things. So much potential. And stack-land is a place where the seam ripper never has to make an appearance :) I especially love the second pile. Beautiful colours.

  10. Mie says:

    Count me in the stare-at-fabric-piles-club ;-)

  11. Clover says:

    Stacks are good for the soul:-)

  12. cate says:

    half my sewing space is taken up with piles. i stick the patterns in amongst them too so that I can fondle and stare at them together and not forget what it was i thought i’d make. you do have some nice looking piles there.

  13. Marina says:

    Oh yes, I’m crazy that way too!

  14. Amanda says:

    Oh yes. I’m definitely a fabric pile-er too……and a fabric stare-er.

  15. I thought I was the only one who did this. I stare at my fabric. And then I re-arrange. And re-arrange some more. Sometimes I go and hold them up next to my face in the mirrow to see if they’re going to be a top or a bottom. And sometimes I take little swatches and re-arrange them next to each other. The planning stage is definitely the funnest part of the process for me!

    • meg says:

      Sophie, I used to arrange my fabric in rainbow order, then I realized I’m not really into rainbows and rearranged in whatever order I pleased. And re-arranged, and re-re-arranged!

  16. Meritxell says:

    Yes! I do it too!!! ;) we’re all crazy!!

  17. Erin says:

    i’m so with you on this! I have about 5 sewing projects in my head at any given time… only once in a while do they come to fruition! I am in the middle of going through one giant stack that has been sitting on my desk for a month. Hoping I’ll still be inspired even if it’s all put away in a closet…. we’ll see!

  18. Upstatemamma says:

    My problem is I have piles within piles. :) Will you be doing kcwc again this spring?

  19. joanne says:

    I love the potential hiding away in all those little piles.

  20. erin says:

    i love the potential that those piles hold. i have a few of those hanging around here, too.

  21. Ericka says:

    I have piles too. Boy clothes getting cut. My dream summer wardrobe. Don’t forget to sew some for the girl. And a quilt or too. I love the potential they all hold!

  22. Cate says:

    I love this post. So true! Some nights all of my allotted sewing time is spent just staring at my fabric and imagining the wonderful things I want to make. Always mistake-free in my mind! :) This is why I have to spend the week prior to KCWC organizing, sorting and cutting — otherwise I’d spend the first days just staring and not sewing!

  23. julia says:

    i totally do the stack thing too! lots of my stacks sit around for months (ahem, years). but when they actually turn into something ti’s so satisfying!

    both of those piles look wonderful, can’t wait to see what they turn into.

  24. I totally do this!!! Ha ha!