creative assignments due: light

May 30th, 2014

creative assignment: light

1. skirt as top 2. you and mie 3. the joy of cooking 4. microbesofunusualsizes 5. a happy stitch 6. damsel_fly

So many lovely photos for May’s creative assignment. Everyone tried to capture light in different ways. I love how in the first photo it is if the light is coming toward you and away from you at the same time. I’m reading a few books about light at the moment and the Greeks believed light emanated from the eye. We saw things because they were lit from the fire within ourselves. It’s called  the emission theory and though it has obviously be disproved, it’s still kind of lovely to think about.

In that same vein, the peonies seem to emit their own light in a simple black & white photo. And damsel_fly literally made her own light, by making a candle for this assignment. You can see all these photos by searching the hashtag #creativeassignmentlight (though some may be hidden because of people’s privacy settings).

sewing light

After talking about sewing light in the post for this assignment, I thought well, why not? I thought I would do something similar to Pojagi, which is a Korean patchwork where both sides are finished. It is an old technique done by hand with silk and my work is not an example of actual Pojagi (this and this are). I used a threadbare sheet and french seams (can you say I frenched my seam? ha!). I thought I could just wing it 100%. I wanted to do all triangles, something like a Lisa Congdon doodle. But wow, I really needed more of a plan. I’m going to regroup and start again, because it is kinda cool and because we need a curtain for our front door.

I think next time, I’ll post more inspiration stuff on my facebook page. I really, really wanted to make a room into a camera obscura, but we don’t have a great window for it. Check out these photos from people who did:

turn a room into a camera obscura

1. how to do a big room camera obscura 2.Romain Alery  3. Abelardo Morell 4. Sanna Härkönen (this one is a painting! )


The assignment was a little vague, and I don’t know if you liked it or not. Some more inspiration probably would have helped. But maybe you liked the first assignment better? Maybe you want something super specific?  I don’t know! I’m making this up as I go along. So tell me what you want, or tell me your ideas for new assignments or tell me what you had for breakfast.



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2 Responses to creative assignments due: light

  1. Melissa Q. says:

    I loved this assignment! But, I love the vaque and abstract so I’m not a great sounding board. But, I really appreciate the whole concept of creativity assignments and you set such a great tone…that it is ok to just jump in, try it and see how it goes. No pressure! Thanks Meg!

  2. kristin says:

    i loved this assignment too (and thanks for the feature!). i think it’d be hard to predict which assignments resonate and which don’t, so just keep assigning away and maybe see what people respond to? i thought this one would get way more entries, frankly! but i guess egg lent itself to more media…? dunno either. ;)