christmas cards

December 16th, 2011

christmas cards

Every year I make christmas cards for everyone and I usually enjoy it. Last year it was one more annoying thing to do and just went out and bought them. Then I bought some more on sale after Christmas to stash away in the box for this Christmas–knowing my future self wouldn’t have her shit together come December. But haha, past self, I gots it together this year! How did I do it? I had my kids make them for me.

christmas cards colored by children

My husband resized the christmas coloring pages I drew, my kids colored them (above are some of my favorites) and I sent them out. Done! Well, no I actually have a few more to get in the mail, but almost done!

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7 Responses to christmas cards

  1. Ani says:

    LOL. I haven’t sent Christmas cards in years because it is always one more annoying thing to do – and, like you, this years i set the smalls to work. Once they’re old enough to scribble they’re old enough to work the card line!

  2. lily says:

    got mine! love love love it! I’m always amazed how you can incorporate your children’s spirit into your cool sophisticated style. well done ( again ! )

  3. christina says:

    This is a FABULOUS idea! I’m pinning it for next year. :D

  4. Lauren says:

    I send Valentines. It started when I was in college and too busy with finals and travel to get the cards out in time. It continues now because it means one less item on the winter holiday “to do” list. Our family and friends tell us every year how much they enjoy opening our card in February!

  5. may says:

    These are so great. I should have had my toddler work on mine…but that would have basically just been a couple of scribbles and a half eaten goldfish cracker.

  6. What a fantastic idea! Who wouldn’t love to receive a Christmas card made by a child? ~ I sure would. I wish I’d thought of this when my kids were little. Maybe I’ll remember it when I have grandkids . . . someday!