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kid’s clothes week: fall 2014

Hello! Sorry I haven’t been updating the old elsie marley, but I’ve been working on the new season of Kid’s Clothes Week! There is so much good stuff going on over there! This season’s theme is STORYBOOK (good, right?!). Our amazing contributors have been hard at work coming up with clever ways you can use that theme.

sewing kid's clothes inspired by kid's books!  // KCW

Maybe you want to take your (or your kid’s) favorite storybook and choose fabrics based on the color palate, or make a Halloween costume, or make an everyday outfit based on a character, or even use the best line in the book.  So many great ideas! Even if you are not sewing-along this KCW season, check out these tutorials! They are bound to get your creative gears moving. If you are sewing along this season and are a little stuck on what to do with your favorite book we have a great series going on the KCW Facebook page called BUT DOES IT SEW?

BUT DOES IT SEW? // kid's clothes week Facebook series

1. the wimpy kid 2. charlie and lola 3. don’t let the pigeon ride the bus 4. good night moon    You can see all the links for patterns and fabrics in the Facebook posts. If you have any suggestions for our BUT DOES IT SEW? series, you can comment on Facebook or here or shout it out the window.

kid's clothes week fabric on spoonflower!

I have also been playing around on Spoonflower a bit. Every season on KCW we choose a color palate. I thought it would be fun to have those colors be available as fabric. So KCW now has an official line of solids for each season (ooo! we should do a stripe too!) and a print to go along with our theme. I used my 3 bears illustration and made up a framed family portrait. This would make a great simple skirt for a little girl. And though it doesn’t have anything to do with sewing, I think it would make fantastic nursery wallpaper too!

Check us out on Spoonflower! Maybe even grab a yard or two. Are you planning to sew along with KCW this season? I always love it when you do!

summer kcw 2014: striped tank and green shorts

summer kcw: striped tank and green shorts

It wouldn’t be KCW if there wasn’t some sort of screw up. I really thought I would have a new outfit each day to post this week, but no. These shorts were supposed to be for my 7-year-old boy, but they were way too big. I had a black t-shirt I made for him too. I was about to iron on a design he made, but then his younger brother’s shirt came out of the dryer. (more…)

summer kcw 2014: rainbow pocket tank and linen pants

rainbow pocket tank // elsie marley

This outfit is inspired by this season theme KID ART, but only a little. The tank I made last summer, well made most of. I never bound the armhole (armcyes? both words are ridiculous) or put on a pocket. I wanted to do something theme related with the pocket, but I don’t have a lot of kid art-like fabrics in my stash. When I found this old rainbow shirt from the 70s I immediately thought of my daughter’s rainbow obsession. She drew them on everything, everywhere! We had a rather epic rainbow birthday party, complete with a rainbow dress and cake and playdough and a pinata! (more…)

kcw summer 2014: ice scream shirt

ice scream shirt on elsie marley   I think if you have one artist in the family, the other kids shy away from it. My daughter draws all day long. My sons, barely ever. It’s hard for me to get my youngest to even pick up a pencil. It doesn’t help that he the lone lefty in a family of right handers. But he does know how to write all the letters and if you catch him in the right mood, he’s game.


kcw summer 2014: happy food and stripe-y shorts

happy food and stripe-y shorts on elsie marley

It’s day one of Kid’s Clothes Week! I started super early this KCW. Mostly because all my kids needed summer clothes. The problem with starting early is that one project turns into 4 more that I want to make. See I work like a crazy person. I don’t start one thing and then work on it until it’s done. No, I start something then get an idea for something else, abandon my first project and start on the new one right away. Then I get discouraged, or bored, or get an idea for yet another project and start that.