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color week.

ida pearle

These beautiful alphabet cards were made by Ida Pearle.  There was a flurry of activity on the designy crafty blogs a while back when this set of cards came out.  And every time I saw pictures of her work I got excited because I knew someone who knew her.  Sadly, when picking up and washing up is most of your day this is as exciting as it gets.  So you can imagine how thrilling it was when the artist herself came to my house.  She (and our mutual friend, hi bill) ventured deep into the midwest just for a visit.  We had a very nice time in spite of the ridiculous amount of snow and then rain and hail and then more snow.  And I’m happy to say miss Ida Pearle is a kind and generous person as well as a talented artist.  She uses paper with the most amazing patterns in her collages.  And though I don’t really know how to talk about art, I know that hers is very much alive.  So go to her website and look at all her beautiful pictures.


the last day of color week. I had a nice time playing with my new camera and taking pictures around my home–I don’t do either as much as I should.

There are four of these shelves above my sink. I feel like an ass setting up little vignettes, but the shelves aren’t good for much else.  And really they are nice to look at while I am up to my elbows in dirty dishes.

(Don’t worry the beetle is long dead.)


for color week.  today’s color is cream.


today is blue in JCHandmade’s color week.

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