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dance party

Some very lovely people from the Tea Collection contacted me and asked if I’d like to sample some of their clothes.  I very readily and enthusiastically said yes! Years ago I found a blue and white striped shirt for my (then) baby girl at a thrift store.  She looked like an adorable little Parisian in it! It was simple and classic and very well made. My daughter wore it forever and then her brother wore it and then her baby brother wore it.


this is what happens when you tell the baby to smile!

The shirt was made by Tea and not only survived three toddlers, but is ready to be passed onto the next.  And is still as stylish as ever.  Well made children clothes are sadly rare, but clothes from Tea Collection are not only very well made, but soft and comfortable and beautiful too.  Is it obvious I’m a big fan? I am and I think you will be too: I’m happy to say that the people at Tea have offered one of my readers a $75 gift certificate to their store! Just leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner on Wednedsay (Aug. 24th) at noon central time. Good Luck!

august sponsorship

elsie marley collage

Would you like to get on board for August? There is a bit of time (and a bit of space) left! Elsie Marley has over 4500 subscribers and a bunch of followers on twitter and pinterest too. All I’m saying is lots people read this blog! And the lovely people who do like to see what indie shops are out there. Drop me a line if you’d like to show off your shop (or blog) on Elsie Marley:

The sponsor spots are 125 pixels square and #25/month. See? Totally affordable. And I’m laid back about it all, so there is no reason to be afraid. I don’t bite.  So email me already!

elsie marley in may

good stuff on elsie marley

May is going to be a big month on elsie marley. I’ve got some fantastic interviews scheduled, a round up or two and of course the always amazing Kids Clothes Week Challenge. There are already over 100 people signed up!  KCWC has been such a big hit in the past that traffic on the blog doubles for the month. That means over 100,000 pages views! I want you (and your blog or shop) to get in on the action. Sponsor spots for May are 40 dollars because of those super big numbers.  I really try to keep the prices low enough that bloggers and indie shops can easily afford it–and I hope you can.

Sponsorship introduces my readers–almost 4000 subscribers to date–to your shop or blog. And it gives me the resources to create tutorials and patterns and all of the good stuff you love about elsie marley. If you are interested please drop me a line at

If you don’t have a blog or shop, but would still like to support my crafty endeavors. The best way to do that is subscribe through your email or an RSS reader (there is a subscribe button on the sidebar at the right). Then I know you are out there! And the more subscribers I get the more support I get the more projects you get!  Sound good?!

february sponsor spots

I’m popping in super quick to say there are a few spots open for February sponsors. If you are interested drop me a line at and I’ll send you all the good stuff. Ok. back to the beach and to reading all the awesome guest posts!

the new elsie marley

Welcome to the new blog! I’m super excited about the new design for this little blog. Much thanks to the  handsome genius  I married to that made it all happen. And made it happen on 1/1/11 to boot. My old blog was pretty minimal, bare minimal really, and it needed to be redone.  I think the new design is still clean, but it is  more interesting.  There is a fancy categories page you can see above and a tutorials page too and I’ve even got my own library.  So look around and feel free to tell me what you think! Be sure to check out my fabulous sponsors on the right–they make the magic happen. Happy New Year!