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best of the worst 2013

I was going to do a best of 2013 kind of post, but when I looked through my photos I kept finding funny little pictures of my kids. Bloopers! For every picture you see on elsie marley there are at least 20, sheesh sometimes 50 crummy, blurry, crazy, crabby, ridiculous, weirdo, or otherwise unusable ones. [all links are to original posts]

So here you have it, the best of the worst 2013:

bloopers reel on elsie marley

1. I made these shorts years ago and this summer they actually fit, but I never did blog about it. 2. anchors away! 3. I think his eyes were crossed in every single picture I took for this post. 3. a beetle and a smirk

bloopers reel on elsie marley

1. my little ham 2. nah nah na boo boo 3. bring it! 4. meh

bloopers reel on elsie marley

1. the hills are alive 2. hair! 3. ahhhh! wild animal! 3. the tiniest pocket in the world

bloopers reel on elsie marley

1. this photo shoot’s got me all tuckered out. 2. walk like an egyptian 3. the headless horseman! 3.say what?!

bloopers reel on elsie marley

1. dancing feet! 2. sir serious sticks his tongue out 3. oh, brother 4. blink and it’s over

Happy New Year, everyone!!

a few updates

sally dress giveaway

…just a few updates for this Friday morning. The Sally Dress pattern giveaway ends tonight! Make sure to put your name in the hat!

sew fab pattern bundle

If you don’t win the giveaway, you can always buy the pattern. But why buy 1 pattern, when you can buy 26 (for 29.95)?! The Sally Dress pattern is included in the amazing Sew Fab sewing bundle sale–along with many, many other fantastic children’s wear patterns! You can find all the details about the Sew Fab sale on the Kid’s Clothes Week blog.

inspiration, trends, and kcw plans on the kcw blog

There are other fantastic things happening on the KCW blog too, if you haven’t been following. The Sewing Rabbit team stopped by last week with inspiration for fall sewing, a beautiful tutorial, and a sneak peek into Jessica’s KCW sewing plans.

tutorials on the kid's clothes week blog

This week Celina Bailey from Petit a Petit and Family is our guest blogger. She has hit it out of the park with the fall kids wear trends, some amazing accessories she’s planning to sew for KCW, and today there is a super cool tutorial just for you! Next week Vanessa from LBG Studio will be our guest blogger–and she’s got some good stuff in store! Be sure to check back next week!

Until then, have a great weekend!

september sponsorship

kid's clothes week {fall}

I posted over at the Kid’s Clothes Week blog, but in case you didn’t see it I wanted to tell all of you that we have fall sponsorship opportunities on the KCW site and blog. Sponsorship runs for 3 months at a time and there are 3 sizes to choose from as well (please see this post for more info).  They are filling up fast, but there are plenty of small spots available–and I know there are lots of amazing small shops and blogs out there! Sponsorship isn’t scary :) Drop us a line at !


elsie marley banner

I’m also excited to announce a new option for sponsorship on elsie marley: the little spot! It’s a small 125 pixel square spot that is just right for your growing business. It’s a super affordable way for elsie marley readers to discover your shop or blog. Please check out my sponsorship page to purchase the little sponsor spot or any other option. Now go have a lovely weekend!


sewing and sponsorship

pattern cutting and taping


There is actual sewing going on here people. Woo-hoo! My sewing machine has been too quiet for too long. I have a bunch of project cut out and ready to go–some secret, some not so secret, some I have to finish before it gets warm.

I’ve fired up my sewing machine again and I’ve also fired up my sponsorship program–how’s that for a segue?!  No really, though, I love to be able to show off all the amazing pattern designers and indie shops out there. To make showing off all your talents, I’ve changed a bit how sponsorship works. It’s super streamlined and super easy and I’m super excited about it!  Do go check it out!

bear pockets

And check back here for crazy monster pocket pants!


faqs for me


hello again! I’m feeling a little sheepish after have been away for this space for more than a month (oof!). That is the longest I’ve gone without a post in the 6 years I’ve been here. These days I’m finding it difficult to know where this blog fits in: fits in my life, fits in the blogging world, fits in with you. Blair said it so nicely, I need not go on and and on about it, but I feel I need to refocus. There are posts I have been meaning to do for years (years, people!) and it’s about time those got written. And one of those things is a FAQ page, which seems like a good way to get back in the game.

So if there are any of you out there still reading elsie marley (mom, I know you are) I’m ready to answer your questions: about me, about sewing, about fabric, about food, about my home, about creativity, about this blog, about whatever. Ask away in the comments or over email. I can’t wait to hear from you–I’ve missed you all!


the photo above was my submission to Anke’s beautiful photo project Learning from Kids: and Advent calendar. If you missed it in December, do go see it now!