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kids clothes week challenge: buttons, rules, and players

the buttons:

Feel free to copy and paste these on your blog (click on the picture and it will take you to the link to use).

the rules:

Okay, there are no rules, but it sounds less wishy washy than guidelines or suggestions. Really there is only one thing you have to do if you want to participate in kids clothes week: sew.  Sew one hour each day the second week of May.  You should probably be sewing clothes for your kids, since it’s kids clothes week, but I think accessories are close enough. You don’t have to start a new project or buy new material, you could just finish those pants that have been waiting for cuffs or the sundress you started last summer that still needs buttons. The point is just to work a little each day and see what you have to show for it at the end of the week. There aren’t any prizes, but you can post photos of your finished work in the elsie marley flickr group and we will all oooo and ahhhh over them. And that’s better than a cheap trophy, right?

the players:

kim,   tracy,   melaniemon amiannri,  terry,  kristin,  mary jo,   andreaekaren, jessannikamorgan,   kristin,   jen f,   amanda,  karin,   frekled henangie k, shauna, cookcleancraft, staci,  rochellelesliefionastephanieapril kyrie, annajennifer,  tessa,  sandrabrittandreamonique,  stephanie,  kateheathersamlamb, trula,  rebecca,  crafty tammie, nanette, melissa q.pamela, bethroxyheatheranjasuzannemany a mickle,  elisabeth, candacemojavisuzanngeorgielliesophieerikahillarygabriellekionazenzhettyjulesellenislay,  kari,  addiejennyjenniferstephaniekaritaralouise,  laura,  devenmrspilkingtonwanettrachelerinlisacherylbethsarahdottycookiecasey,  michelle,  sarahbellyjacquibeth lemonodessa, liamama urchinkimberyrachelrobynsarahlaurelkatherinehillarykathleenginervajennifer, kayannashisomama, shannon, nancy, tami,  audreybeckybrookestacymama-panrheaamymaryangelacourtneychrissykathinataliekirsten, jenna, bekiimenechantalsarahbarbarakellygailchristineingridjerriclaudiamelodygrace, isa marie, sabra , commonplaceiris, grace, wendy, lisa, marina, kristi, ellen, marlenacourtney, caroline, kara, valeria, shanee, jackie, robyn, heather, helen, katherine, the artful parent two pockets, wendy, michele, rachel, emily, jessica, courtney, susan, tanya, shael, emily, ash, emmy, michelle, natasha, michele, lexie, sara, kim, jillian, heather, miktha, connie, huana, abbiehelen, andrea, susannah, sandra, zuri, julie, uk lass in us, tlbor, jill, katie, melanie, christie, cat, jenny, sony, lynn, frikadel, ruth, evajulie, tangerine dreams, rebecca, cheryl, elana, emily, rebecca, corina, anna, robyn, carrie, becky, paige, kerry, renee, cassis, pati, erin, lizzykendra, ane, lucy, tracey, josie, nichole, samantha, meg, andrea, megan, stephani, briana, natalie, cheryl, heather, rhianno, valerie, sascha, mandy, tanja, naomi, chantal, lily, nicola, stephanie,

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kids clothes week challenge


One of the most popular post here on elsie marley is kid clothes week. I was inspired by this post from Soulemama where Amanda sewed one garment a night for a week for her daughter’s summer wardrobe. The goal I set for myself was just one hour a night (or day) spent in my studio working on summer clothes for my kids. It’s the getting started part that’s always been hard for me, so after that first hour was over I usually stayed another and by the end of the week I had a bunch of clothes for my kids. The momentum actually lasted for the next week and the one after too (I hoped it would continue through the summer, but evening cocktails on the deck killed it, oh well).


Now for the Challenge!

On the second week of May (May 10-17) I challenge you to spend an hour each day working on clothes for your kid’s–or kids’–summer wardrobe.  This challenge is great for those new to sewing and seasoned seamstresses alike–we all have trouble getting off the couch (or off the computer). Summer clothes are super easy and don’t take much time or fabric, so you might have a whole wardrobe by the time the week is up! edit to add: Sorry I didn’t mean to leave you southern hemisphere folks out–fall clothes are cute and easy too! You have three weeks to daydream about what to make and then after a lovely Mother’s Day where your children are beautiful and well behaved and give you very cute presents, you can sew some shorts or skirts or dresses or tank tops with some of that ridiculously cute fabric you have been saving.

If you are interested in playing along (sewing along?) just leave a comment or drop me an email. I will write up a big list of participants and their blogs–though, of course, you don’t need a blog to play along. I’ll try to make a button too, so you can show everyone you are in the kid clothes week challenge. From now until the second week in May I will post some tutorials for kid’s clothes that I’ve used or that I really like. So what do you think, sound good? Are you in?