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kids clothes week challenge: FAQ

Kids clothes week started a few years ago when I made myself get off the couch and sew clothes for my kids one hour a night for a week. ¬†And it worked: I got up! I made things! I screwed up some things too! Then the next year I invited others to join in and it turns out that when a bunch of people cheer each other on it’s much easier to get off the couch and sit in front of the sewing machine and make cool stuff. The challenge is simple

Work on making clothes for kids one hour each day for a week.

but there are still some questions that pop up and need answering. If you have any more questions please leave them in the comments and I will try to answer them in this post. Thanks!


how many hours again? start with one, but you don’t need to set a timer. If the hour is up and you are still going strong, go with it!

how long? every day for 7 days

do I have to sew? no, knitting and crocheting are fine, but pattern making, fabric cutting, seam ripping…they all count too.

does it have to be clothes? well it is kids clothes week, but I’m not your mother so I can’t really tell you want to do, can I?

does it have to be for kids? see above.

do I have to have a blog? no, not at all

if I do have a blog, do I have to blog about it? not if you don’t want to. It can get kind of crazy trying to sew and then blog about it the next day–when you probably should be sewing–but if you have the time (or can’t wait) then by all means!

where can I show off all the stuff I made? Flickr! you can post all the pictures of all the awesomeness you made in the elsie marley flickr group. Join if you are not a member already, then add your handmade wonders and look around at all the other lovely things people have made.

who else is playing along? there are over 350 people signed up so far for the fall 2010 challenge! You can see all of them and their lovely blogs too in the comment section of this post.