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September 20th, 2007

I am a mother of two and wife to one. Before I had children I was a chocolatier and a baker. Cooking and baking was the way I was creative in my day to day life, but with two little ones that doesn’t work for me any more. I have recently learned to sew and that has filled the creative void. This wonderful and supportive craft blog community has helped me learn to make and inspired me to keep making. If you have a question or comment, or would like to strike up a conversation please email me at

elsiemarleyblog AT gmail DOT com

And my name is Meg, not Elsie. The name of my blog comes from a nursery rhyme about a bar maid:

Elsie Marley’s grown so fine,

She won’t get up to feed the swine,

But lies in bed ’til eight or nine!

Lazy Elsie Marley.

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4 Responses to about me

  1. Alix says:

    My oh my, a chocolatier… a fantasy of mine!.
    lovely words. Good to meet you, in however a virtual fashion. Have a wonderfully creative yet calm, healthy and chocolate-ful 2008

  2. Myam says:

    hello meg! happy new year. :)
    i will add you to my blogroll. i keep forgetting. tsk tsk.

  3. […] September 20, 2007 I moved to a new site and you can now find this post at http://www.elsiemarley.com/about.html […]

  4. Marina says:

    You’re amazing.
    You should do each and every thing you want to do in life.
    You are such a capable, creative soul.
    I’m glad to have met you and look forward to getting to know you better.
    Peace and love and all things home-made and inspired!!
    : )