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I have been waiting and waiting for a stylish sideboard to show up at the thrift store forever. We have a great thrift store for furniture (though they love to slap big ol’ price tags on everything) so I would stop in whenever I only had one baby to wrangle. Then yesterday there it was, finally. It was 40 bucks, not great, but not bad either. The top is scratched up, but it has doors for toys and drawers that my kids can’t work (I ran out of shelves my kids can’t reach).  It’s a little big for our little house, but dammit, I’ve been looking forever, so it will fit.

first mobiles

1. Mushroom Mobile Sneak Peek, 2. mobile swap 09, 3. simple, 4. mobile swap 09
mobiles are starting to pop up on the flickr group! These are a few of my favorites.

yellow week: five

just enough yellow to count for the last installment of yellow week. my little boy just turned two and now I have to go take a nap. Have a great weekend!

yellow week: four and a half

not my photo, and obviously not my mobile, but a beautiful one by Bruno Munari (via Reference Library). I thought I’d post it for all those mobile swap people in need of inspiration.  Because how awesome is it?

yellow week: four

Venetian blinds are shitty for sure, but they do make things pretty sometimes.